Don’t Make This Colossal Mistake!!! “My youngest son was fooling around with the wrong friends, and then somebody got called a ‘pussy’, and somebody got shot; and now he’s in prison for 20 years. That’s my baby boy and I love him. I always warned him about the kind of friends he was always hanging around with, and I told him that if he didn’t change, something bad will eventually happen. I use to come back from work at midnight and I won’t see him at home. I will then search for him in the streets and find him with his friends, and I’ll chase him back home. After he went to prison, I asked him: What more could I have done?” He started crying and said: “Nothing more dad. You did everything you could for me, but I was stupid. You raised me right, but I chose the wrong path. I hope you’ll still be alive when I come out of prison in 20 years.” The above story was told by a heartbroken father whose youngest son was sentenced to prison for 20 years. The young boy threw away his life, his future, his dreams, and his freedom just like that. We’ve all made mistakes in our lives, and some of us are still making wrong choices and foolish mistakes everyday. But If you’re reading this right now, whether you’re young or old, that means you’re still alive, and you’re not in prison. Which means you’ve been so lucky in your life, and God has protected you up to this point. But please understand that you’re not going to be lucky all the time my friend. So decide today that you’ll annihilate every bad habit, remove all the wrong friends from your life, stop making foolish mistakes, and discard anything or anyone that can ruin your life and stop you from achieving your dreams. Make that decision TODAY before it’s too late. Remember, One single mistake can ruin your whole life and steal your dreams away forever. Don’t let that happen to you. I’ve made several mistakes in my own life, but everyday I keep correcting them and getting better. And I keep thanking God for His protection and direction so far; And I also thank Him for all the troubles He has saved me from, including the ones I didn’t even know about. I advise you to do the same. Remember that One wrong step can precipitously change someones life forever. So Be Wise! Be Careful!! Be Smart!!! And Focus On Your Dreams To Make Them Come True!!!

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