Pray, not because people are doing it, but because it’s the least you could do for all those who are affected. Pray for everyone. When you pray, pray sincerely, and with honor and respect to God, pray with a boldness, and don’t just pray for the people you know and love, pray for those who you may not trust, or for those you may not get along with, and for those who you may not know that need it. Pray because God listens, and pray because God cares. When prayers go up, blessings come down. Heavenly father we praise you for today We are thankful for the grace to see this beautiful day we know the plans you have for us is of good and not of evil we know you will give us an expected outcome by the end of the day thats is why we confess our sins and ask you to forgive us we commit everything we are going to do today into your hands we want your blessings and favour to follow us today As we start the day we make you number one in everything we do we submit to your will for our lives We destroy every plan of the devil this day Go with us as we go out and lead us not into temptation But deliver us from all evil Give us the grace to be a blessing to the world and to take control of our day This is the day you have made and we will surely rejoice and be glad in it In Jesus name………….

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