What benefit is it unto you when heaven and earth rejects you? God forbid! Many where born poor, grew up in poverty, lived a poor life, died in poverty and still make hell after facing hell on earth. 80% of ups and downs of a man comes from the man, there are principalities and powers that can work against someone’s life but the truth is that; principalities and powers doesn’t work in clean environs, and once your life style starts getting clean they will pack and go, so sin makes one dirty and gives comfort to evil powers. Another issue here is wisdom, One month is gone this year left with eleven months, can you give account of this past month? If you can’t, then it will still be hard for you to give account of the remaining months and this will make the year to end very fast before your eyes without achievements, if you don’t apply wisdom in what you do. Another point here is discipline, you can make a good plan for your life but it only takes self discipline to abide with the plan. All prophecies are conditional except the book of revelation, you have to work out your prophecies, you must first manifest before your prophecies manifests. Take your time and look into your life, you may see where the fault is coming from, May God help us………Happy New Month.

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