BE CAREFUL WITH THE GENERATION THAT MAKES MEN THEIR GOD: It does not necessary matter to my generation, so long as there are miracles, signs and wonders , crowd, little lies of seeing visions . What about if they hear you saying that you have been taken to heaven and hell. A pastor friend asked this question ? WHY CAN’T PEOPLE SIT UNDER THE FEET OF JESUS or UNDER THE TEACHING MINISTRY OF THE PASTORS GOD HAS GIVEN TO THEM TO UNDERSTAND THE WORD OF GOD FOR THEMSELVES ? But Are Rather seen Moving From One “prophet” to Another; One “Miracle Worker” to Another to their own hurts and destruction ? What Solves man’s spiritual problems? Is it the understanding and Practice of God’s Word or the momentary worldly satisfaction often “questionable” Miracles ? If that man , woman, prophet is not living according to the word of God, then forget about their prophecy. No immature seed can bear fruits of its kind. It would not even take roots, talk less to bear fruits. Request the fruits of the Holy Spirit, not testimonies and miracles.

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