GET DELIVERED FROM THE WORD OR SPIRIT OF ” DIVA ” !!! It states in the Bible that my people perish for lack of knowledge. Here I’m going to give you revelation on what the Word and Spirit DIVA means biblically, naturally, and spiritually. The Word DIVA comes from the Latin Word ” deus” meaning devil. The Italian word DIVA means goddess. The prefix DIVA is short for the word divination. A DIVA is a female goddess or a woman that is worshipped. This spirit requires deliverance in human beings because many have taken on this word as a fad to describe a woman who is Godly or is supposed to have it going on. Well we all know the devil is a liar. The woman who had it going on in the Bible was called virtuous, not DIVA. A DIVA is a witch. DIVA’S have a third eye because they divine/discover by guessing. The woman in the sixteenth chapter of Acts vs.16, had a spirit of divination. She saw through a third eye and made a living off of fortune telling or soothsaying. This particular word divination is ” puthon ” in the Greek language and means Python. A python wraps itself around its victim and does not allow it to inhale. The victim can, however, exhale. When a person has more going out than coming in, it is representative of a poverty spirits. When a woman identifies herself with the spirit of divination or allow yourself to be placed in a posture to be worshipped, it lowers her self worth and self-esteem and ultimately leads toward a poverty,oppressed,depressed, and angry mentality. As well, a DIVA spirit is completely opposite of having a meek and quiet spirit. DIVA is also rooted and attached to Jezebel. A DIVA is referred to a woman with the reputation for being temperamental or difficult to please, self- important,or hard to work with, a female version of a hustler.A true DIVA will do anything to get what she wants at all cost. DIVA is also categorized as a star or prima donna. As we know Star Worship is connected with astrology and horoscopism. Proverbs 31:10 tells us that a capable, intelligent and virtuous woman is hard to find. She is more precious than jewels,and her value is far above rubies and pearls. There are enough DIVA’S in the world. You can find one on every corner because everybody wants to be one. Nor can you substitute the word DIVA for yourself in the acronyms or representation of the word DIVA. One word flowing out of your mouth can attach itself to different spirits, that’s why is cautioned and states in the Bible that life and death is in the power of the tongue. Use it wisely. Me, myself, I used to love Betty Boop. I used to dress like her, talk like her, prostitute like her, & I was a DIVA like her. In my life Betty Boop manifested a lifestyle of whoredoms and masquerading as a DIVA.If God can deliver me from my ratchedness, he can do it for you too! He is no respecter of persons. So please in the name of Jesus please quit calling yourself a so-called godly diva, quit calling your friends, your boo, or your daughter a diva, for it is not so!!! D evil I s V iolenly A ccuser


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