PRAYER FOR 1ST BORN/CHILD : BIBLE READING:- Psalm 24, Isaiaih 43:1-5. (1) My Being A First Born Is Not An Accident But Your Will Father. Therefore I Thank You. (2) Father Because Im The First Born Dont Let Me Be A Symbol Of Negativity/badluck (3) Because I Breakforth My Mothers Womb Let My Own Breakthrough Be Well Establish In You Jesus My Saviour. (4) I Refuse To Be An Embodiment Of Evil Convenant. (5) My Own Case As A First Child Will Not Be Like That Of The Egyptians First Born. (6) As The First Born In The Journey Of Life I Will Be Ahead In Good Things. (7) The Annointing To Enjoy God Divine Mercy,favor As First Child Fall On Me. (8) From Today Onward I Removed My Name From The Register Of Born For Nothing In Jesus Name. (9) Father Aligned And Connect Me With Those Whom You Have Chosen To Help Me. (10) My Inheritance Will Not Be Taken Over By Jazebel And Ahab {11) Father Turn My Situation Round After The Order Of Jabez And Bless Me As You Did To Obed’odem (12) Let Holyghost Begin To Dwell In Me.

2 thoughts on “PRAYER FOR 1ST BORN/CHILD

  1. Jesus is the first born among many bretheren. He is the first born from the dead. Because He went to the Father He has baptized with His Holy Spirit all who see His sacrifice as full and complete payment for our sin. With the indwelling Holy Spirit we can come boldly before the throne of grace and call “Daddy!”

    Being first born, you see, is pretty cool. Thank you for sharing your prayer. May the Lord grant you the desires of your heart!

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