HERB FOR HEALTHY MARRIAGE Literally speaking, understanding keeps marriage healthy not fasting and prayer. And technically speaking caring for one another make relationship stay longer. Examine your marriage brethren, identify what exactly is responsible for peace in your home. Fine, most people will say it is God; Yes it is God God the creator of the whole universe said in the book of genesis “Let us make man in our image, after our own likeness….” there’s understanding, collaboration, respect etc in that legendary statement which should be bed rock of every marriage. It is impossible to be a creator if your utterances as a husband or as a wife is not creative. Some marriages have become boxing field because they lack understanding. And some Christian women and men neck have grown beyond their body as a result of everyday fasting and prayer for peace to reign in their homes. Peace dwell in understanding and understanding is peace. Mr. Man try and understand your Lady. Woman savvy that both of you cannot become President at the same time, one have to be president and the second person Vice President. Your broken home can still regain it happiness but you have a role to play, you have to bury your pride and embrace humility for understanding to be able to thrive.

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