You have become a cancer in life of many christians and world at large. Your sweetness is for a short time but your pains last for years or eternity #FORNICATION you have make some of our #Sisters to remain in their parents house without gettin married and our brothers Fruitless #Fornication you are the reason men of God are sheding tears every time asking God for forgiveness of one particular sin #Fornication your name is not good, you have denied many couples children and give those that dont need it in d process make them single parent. you got #Brother & #Sister angry because they were told in the church not to commit you for that you push them out of church. #FORNICATION Many pastors has lost their gifts and callings because they commit you. Many christians are living in fear because you keep them in bondage. Because you are unclean & evil you decide not to take place in open place rather you take place in secrete and hidden place. #Fornication you have destory many christians thats why our brother apostle Paul tell us in eph 5:3 let fornication and all uncleaness niot mention in our midst. IF THIS MESSAGE TOUCH YOU, MAY YOU REPENT TODAY AND COME BACK TO CHRIST NOW IN JESUS NAME….AMEN.


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