I come to understand that,, they are some #Special_Grace upon the life of #Some of our #Pastors, to be release upon our lifes, until when we come to the understanding of praying and blessing some of their needs. Please when am talking about pastors, I am not telling you about those ones who tell you lies and whose heart is Only base on your #Pockets and Never your #Salvation. Am not talking about those ones who sale the #Free_Gift of God in exchange of your money. Am not talking about those ones who are not after your spiritual Growth. Am never talking about those ones who are not preparing you for #Heaven but preparing you on how to make it on this temporal Earth that will pass away with his lust One day with the assurance that your heaven is settle as long you pay your tithe and offering. THEN WHO ARE THE MEN OF GOD I AM TALKING ABOUT.??? I am talking about men of God like #Samuel, who will hold the hand of God and cry out loud and say, I will never leave you unless you arise for the help of this people. Am talking about men of God like Moses, who has surrender their life for the lifes of their #Members. Am talking about men of God like Moses, who will say God.!! if you dont bless this people or provide for their needs, Please blot out my name from your book. Am talking about men of God like Moses, who will always #Cry on your behalf day and night, and even when you are sleeping and dozy they are still there interceding on your behalf. Am talking about the men of God who will go extra miles on #Fasting&Prayer for the salvation of your life, for the success of your life and also for the peace of God in your life. I am talking about those men of God like #Jesus&Jeremiah who will tell you about the thought of God for your life and the bitter truth of #Heaven and the characteristics of what easily takes people to Hell. Am talking about those men of God like #Peter&Paul who is there to #Encourage, to pray with you, to comfort you, to place theirself in the same mood with you, to be there for you to strengthens your faith when it seems that all hope is lost, They are always there to Revive you with the courage that with men its impossible, but with God,,, all things are possible. Am still talking about men of God like #Peter&Paul,, who will tell you that,,, You dont need to be #Ashame to Preach Out #THE_GOSPEL_OF_CHRIST_FOR_IT ‘S_THE_POWER_OF _GOD_TO_EVERY_MAN_UNTO_SALVATION.!! I am talking about those pastors, who has been sold out for Christ, pastors like #Mathew who will not pamper your sin but tell you the #Raw_truth, that the only way to #Success, #Breakthrough,#Victory and #Blessing both in #Heaven and on Earth E.t.c, is only inside #Mathew 6vs33. Beloveth am really telling you the undiluted truth today, that all this true men of God, with the Nature of God, true the life of #Holiness within and #Outwardly, they requires to be honoured and appreciated by you true the grace of God upon their lifes. Even some of them the prayer points they are praying for you, indirectly they are also praying it for themself and Family. Beloveth.! Are you sure you are faithful to them.?? And not only unto God.??? Ok what about when you came out to share #Testimony, maybe at home or to the congregation inside Church for the success from God granting answer to your prayer point of that which you asked, and the whole Church shout HALLELUYAH….THANK YOU JESUS.!! But you as a testifier Forgotten that there is a man Somewhere praying for you and at the same time having a sleepless night just for your prayers to be answered. This is the reason why they are doing this for you here in this #Chapter_verse of #Philippians 4vs16 Says===>>>>”Not because I desire a gift: but I desire fruit that may abound to your account. I believe you Read this Chapter verse yourself, and now i want you to have a #Positive_mindSet From your Sorry today, did you see that you are unfaithful Now, Not because they desire your gift, money,E.t.c or maybe without your gift money or e.t.c or without your gift they will not survive or go hunger Never.!! But for a fruit that might abide true the special grace of God upon their life to release it from the button of their heart for a fruit that may abide for ever in every area of your life, MAY THE GOOD GOD HELP YOUR DECISION TODAY, and please if your pastor does not have all this heavenly virtue upon the life of all this true Holy Men of God, Please Pray For Them.!!

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