Sin decays, it rusts, it makes a man useless and it cages him down. Sin is Satan’s ill-nature. It is his identification numbers. If you still enjoy living in sin, then you are carrying the identity of the devil. I once carried his identity, but then the Blood of Jesus erased it all off. AMEN!! The same Blood is available for you and it can erase yours, if only you repent today and accept Jesus Christ into your life. There are many examples/kinds of sins, but few of them I will mention. Examine yourself with them. Bleaching ones skin, lying, stealing, pride, fornication, masturbation, lesbianism, harbouring sinful/immoral thoughts, lusting over a brother or a sister, engaging in homosexuality, watching pornographic pictures or videos with naked people, being alcoholic, cracking sinful jokes, engaging in unjust business, making unjust gain/profit, engaging in boyfriend/ girlfriend relationship, abortion, playing sinful games with other people’s bodies, hacking, gossiping, sharing love messages or gifts with opposite sex before marriage, reading romantic novels, watching romantic movies, recreating yourself to look more beautiful or handsome ( exchanging God’s divine image for vain ones) sharing nude pictures or posts, dressing half naked, having funny rugged haircut, cheating on your husband or wife, unforgiveness, malice, hatred, listening, playing or dancing to worldly musics, dancing in worldly steps, dying, spotwaving, perming or relaxing your hair to make it darker or softer with grand style, using your phone to do rubbish. Vanity upon vanity, all is vanity! It’s all meaningless! After all these, what next? Death is inevitable. Nothing impure will enter Heaven but Hell. No matter how beautiful or handsome, strong or weak, rich or poor that one may be, it’s just for a moment and it will fade off. No matter how much you made, it is useless to you once you die. The only thing that a man can have that can never change is God. Time and condition cannot make God to depriciate. God can never lose value. Repent and make peace with God before it is too late, for He love you so dearly! A Message From #The_Gospel_of_The_Kingdom_Group Watsapp. #REVIVAL_STARTS_FROM_HERE .!!!

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