I am he that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen… Revelation 1:18 There is no “going to” without a “going through”. There is no delivery without a conception. There is no destination without a route. There is no product without a process. There is no shining gold without a refining. There is no rain without some dark cloud. The life of every man is sandwiched between a process and a product, between a pain at a time and a profit afterwards, sometimes failures at the beginning and tremendous success at the other side.(1 Peter 5:10) From my keen observation, there are two categories of subconscious misconception that we draw up as humans when we meet other fellows in a particular situation of life. First, if the fellow is making it big, having almost everything working for him, we draw up a conclusion in our mind that he has always been making it and we tend to compare our own lives by asking questions: Why is my life not like the life of this fellow. Is it not the same God that created both of us especially if you are going through some tough times. Second, if the other fellow we meet appears to have his life as the seeming head office of all life’s problems – frustration, failures, hardship etc. We sometimes conclude that that is the way he will forever remain by our attitude and action towards such fellow e.g. we distance ourselves from them directly or indirectly. From our text written above; Jesus said I am He that liveth but before you conclude that I’ve always been living let me also announce to you that I was once dead. By interpretation: I’m he that is successful now but I was once a failure in my life. I’m he that is being celebrated now by all and sundry but I was once an object of ridicule, mockery and rejection by friends and acquittances. I’m he that is fruitful now as a mother but I was once barren like Sarah, Elizabeth and Hanna. I’m he that is now a owner of corporation but may I tell you that I was once looking for job at the doorsteps of every company in town. Every man will need to pass through these two critical stages of life. Jesus went further to say, “And behold, I am alive for evermore.” Every time God turns a man’s story to glory, from being dead to being alive, from being a failure to being a success. If it is God that actually did it then it remains forever because He’s the only and authentic STORY CHANGER. Do you want that unpleasant story turned to glory? I offer you an advice, CONNECT YOURSELF TO THE LIVING GOD TODAY and that story will turn to glory right before your eyes and the eyes of everyone. Until I come your way again next week. Please like, comment and share if you have been blessed. Shalom!

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