Don’t ever resort to making indecision your final decision or live a life of indecision because it has terrible consequences; some of which are highlighted and discussed briefly below. 1. Losses ‘If you chase two mice you will lose both’. That is a proverb to call the indecisive to order. Indecision breaks your concentration and gives you ‘di-vision’. In the long run you will make no impact here and there, thereby losing out in the end. Decision gives precision of focus. 2. Regrets Losses bring regrets. When in the long run you see all you have lost to indecision, you will only join them to sing ‘oh had I know.’ But that shall not be your portion. A young man was a friend to 4 Christian sisters living in the same room. He really wanted one of them but could not decide on time which one. By the time he decided, the one he proposed to said she got engaged six weeks earlier. He later proposed to another one who said a capital ‘NO’ because her roommate had given her gist of how the brother proposed to her. He regretted his slowness, but it was too late. There are matters that require patience and is good to exercise patience where need be; but don’t nickname your slowness as decision making process. 3. Distrust from others No one wants to trust an indecisive man or woman. I once worked for a boss who lost all his major leaders to indecision. Whenever there is something important to do he would postpone decision making. Most of the people who left the company did so because they could not trust their future into the hands of this indecisive boss. People prefer to trust a man who is decisively wrong than one that is never wrong because he will never make a decision. 4. Backwardness Progress is only possible where there is focus and stagnation is certain where there is indecision. Many have lost opportunities to rise because of indecision thereby suffering backwardness. 5. Envy When you allow stagnation into your life by indecision you will certainly envy those who choose to rise by decision. Envy is the response of failures to success. If you must not envy your mates tomorrow take responsibility – be decisive. 6. Blame Indecisive people always blame others for everything happening to them. They assume others are responsible for their failure since they have not decided to succeed against all odds. Only failures play the blame-game; and indecisive people always fail. GOOD DAY. Culled from my book, MAKING QUALITY DECISIONS.

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