There are countless number of sickness and diseases today here on earth that medical and scientific research can’t heal. Not all people can really grasp the faith of healing. God made herb for the usage of humanity. We need to understand this truth so that we can appreciate nature. There are many leaves and roots that can be used for healing but many of us don’t know them because we are ignorant of them. USEFULNESS OF PAWPAW. 1.Get some fresh roots of the pawpaw, then rinse it with water, after that chew those roots and swallow its watery liquid that come from the root. If you can do it for three – three hours, your cough will stop. 2.JAUNDICE-Try and get an unripe pawpaw fruit itself, cut it into a bowl then add water into it. Let it be covered for 3 days, then after the third day, start drinking it half glass cup of water for three times a day, it will go. 3.CONSTIPATION-Also get small quantities of fresh pawpaw leaves, then wash it well water. Pour the leaves into a clean bowl, squeeze it very well until it brings out its own water. Add it with small glass of water that you can drink once. The constipation will stop.

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