I wanted to take the time to finally introduce myself to you seeing as though you’ve been serving me for so long now. Since it’s the end and my time is almost up, I figured I’d let you know just a few of the many ways I’ve been systematically destroying your life and the lives of the ones you love all this time. Let’s face it, you still won’t believe even after you read this so I figured, why not? I have to do what I can these days for kicks. Your ignorance is so entertaining. So many people are coming to Hell with me because of it and it’s marvelous. You didn’t think I was going down without taking as many people as possible with me, did you? Anyway, do you know what my greatest weapon is? It’s making you believe I don’t exist. Would you like to know how I do it? Well for starters, I parade reality right in front of your face and make you believe it’s all fantasy. So many of you don’t even believe demons are real or that they’re everywhere so I make you believe they’re a figment of your imagination. So many of you take your hard earned money and actually pay to come and see us in horror movies, you think its fake. It’s thrilling huh? You love the thrill of being frightened by us but you have no idea you are actually paying to see the entities that are working to destroy your souls right now, the ones who are waiting to escort you when your soul drops into Hell. Oh, and for the record don’t even think for a second I use only horror movies. I have totally infiltrated your music and television also. Just look at the things that are popular nowadays! Many celebrities are sold out to me. Many of them blatantly tell you of their allegiance to me but like I said, you don’t listen, or care for that matter, because you’re blind. I promise them everything in exchange for them to completely promote my agenda. Which is to destroy. In all, fairness which is rare for me, some of them are deceived; they don’t fully realize what they’re doing. See, I use them to promote sex, scandals, fornication, and a falsely fabulous lifestyle, all in the name of “entertainment”! I create the illusion that they have it all so you’ll follow them and thirst after what they have. See, only God can truly fulfill you, but you don’t need to know that. So I lie to you and tell you if you only have __ you will be happy, and when it’s still not enough I suggest all you need is __. The cycle continues… I keep you on this never ending hamster wheel until your time runs >>>>>> out! By the time people realize it was all a lie it’s too late, you should see their faces! See, I work in the mind, in deception. Don’t worry, I hate the celebrities too, and once they fulfill my purpose for them, I kill them off, especially before they have the chance to call out to God for help. That’s why so many of them are found dead of overdoses and unknown causes in their hotel rooms, they have it all right? At least you think so, and that’s all that matters. You would be surprised how many lives you can destroy when you take someone’s idols away. I love to kill two birds with one stone. I love that I have given you new God’s to serve, including me. Anything to keep you from seeking the real thing. Humans idolize money, each other, cars, THEMSELVES! Don’t deny it. You wait hungrily to catch the latest gossips. You can hardly contain yourself. See, I designed it that way. I’ve been around since the beginning, I know exactly what caters to your fallen nature. You love the scandals, you live and DIE by these deceptions, you love it! YET you completely ignore your Maker and what he told you He wants, what pleases Him. Actually, wait… I’m being a little unfair. You don’t completely ignore Him. Sometimes you MIGHT say a little blessing over your food. Sometimes you MIGHT say a little prayer of thanks when something’s going your way, or going wrong or to run down your laundry list of things you want like he’s just some kind of Genie. This is all fine with me because what Jesus really wants is a relationship with you and for you to come to him for forgiveness, and love and obey Him. Giving Him the scraps of your life isn’t what He wants or deserves, nor will it bring you a relationship with Him so, keep it up! I just want you to think it is working. J Do you know what the best part of all of this is? You even pass it all down to your children. See, unfortunately God is fair and gave you suckers the free will to choose. Everything WE do to you is based on spiritual laws. Permission and doorways have to be opened to us for us to operate. Why do you think the world is getting worse and worse by the minute? You are opening major spiritual doors that invite us in. You think it’s innocent to let your children watch movies about violence and sex, play with Ouija boards, stay out and party. You think it’s normal that most children know more about Harry Potter, Spongebob and Beyonce then they know about Jesus Christ. Who said that was okay? Didn’t your God say woe to those who call evil good and good evil? Wait, that’s right, no one is listening to the God of the Bible anymore, I created a counterfeit for you that would be fine with all of this. The popular and false one of today is a sucker and a softie who’s not disgraced by any of this at all. I specialize in destroying the family dynamic too. I separate the fathers out of the picture by keeping them working so they have no time to spend with their children, or worse I promote them to operate against Gods order, as the tail of the family! I tempt men to ignore their wives, or wives to ignore their husbands! I turn families against each other with lies, jealousy, and deception, and the whole time you think its you. I am currently promoting a new type of family where little kids have 2 mommies and 2 daddies. You really don’t know how much control we have. When you are not surrendered to Jesus your fair game for us-and you don’t even know it. People are constantly pumping poison into their homes and don’t care, and then they wonder why little Jimmy or little Mary fly off the handle and kill all of their class mates or themselves! You open the doors for my demons to operate in THEIR lives. THIS is what you do with the free will God gave you. It’s fantastic. By-the-way, I make sure to promote mental illness as an excuse, but it’s really us. I have systematically set the world up for failure. I’m the one that created racial division. It was me! I knew I could destroy many people by making them feel superior to others based on their skin color. I gave superiority complexes to Humans so that people would consider themselves to be BETTER than one another. Do you know how many people I have destroyed through all of this? MANY, and it’s still working today, like a charm. People will KILL believing they are racially superior. They only way to escape me is Jesus, and I keep you distracted with everything else so you will never know him and make the people who try to warn you look crazy so you turn away and MOST people will refuse Him. Now for my favorite part of all. Christians! Or the so called! I have worked tirelessly to destroy them, but they’re doing a great job of destroying themselves now! Where are these ‘Christians’ we speak of? Many ‘professing Christians’ walk, talk, and live JUST LIKE THE REST OF THE WORLD! YOU CAN’T EVEN TELL THE DIFFERENCE! These people actually think they’re saved when the Bible clearly teaches different! The bible teaches if you do not have Jesus’ spirit you are not even saved! The bible tells them how they can know if they have His Spirit at all. The bible instructs people to test themselves and see if they are even indeed saved!!! There is a new breed of Christianity out now that’s foreign to the bible. I created it because I love to twist scripture . I tell you once you are saved you are always saved, just do what you want to do! God loves you! I LOVE to twist the scripture of the sheep that will never be taken from Jesus’ hands! People didn’t read the parts that say if you love Him you will abide in Him, hate sin, and thus be able to know you are truly saved and are one of those sheep! I tell people, “He said if you just believe in Him you will have everlasting life”. Yes! Yes! That’s it! People stopped reading there and shut the book! Jesus gave many instructions after that and warnings about FEW people entering heaven. He said that the road was narrow. He said you have to deny yourself, pick up your cross and follow Him. Well, I thought I’d make the narrow road a bit broader nowadays to make you more comfortable haha! I certainly don’t want anyone to surrender their lives to HIM, they’ll be unstoppable! I’m so glad most people won’t anyway; the bible say’s it’s the hard way. Many people don’t obey Him, consult with Him, or even submit to Him to know the purpose He has for their lives. Don’t feel bad, many ‘Christians’ wouldn’t know all of this because they don’t read the bible or even communicate with God like they actually believe He is real, and worthy of their respect. Just superficially. They’ll be really surprised at the end! I hope I can keep most of them fooled that long. The bible warned of the things to come, so that people could be warned and helped but many ‘Christians’ refuse to acknowledge what’s in the bible as if HE made a mistake in putting the information in there! They think what they don’t know won’t hurt them. YES! Please keep believing that! Jesus desired for His followers to be One, a family and you just know I can’t let that happen! I play on your insecurities and weaknesses to keep you in bondage and away from loving each other which is one of the greatest commandments! Many churches are fashion shows and teaching doctrines of demons. That’s a warning in the bible too. Sigh, this is just too easy… My time is almost up and you better believe things are going to get much worse for you all! I work day and night with my army, to destroy. I never sleep. God is raising up many people in these last days to come against me and tell people the truth. TRUE FOLLOWERS OF THAT CHRIST. People are waking up and truly turning to Him! People are returning from Heaven and Hell and warning people. People are hearing from Him and receiving visits! People are SEEKING for HIM DAILY! I will stop at nothing to fool you, even with writing this letter. See it seems to be working pretty well for me to parade the truth in front of people. They don’t believe it anyway. I’m sure that will be the case with you also. By Satan


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