Who are witchcraft? Are they real existing? What is their aim and target? Who are they? Witchcraft is a combination of all evil spirit wicked human beings who have sold out their soul to the devil as their master. The male are called Wizards. The female are called Witches. The witches and wizards are all human beings, but they are possessed by an evil spirit which takes over their spirit, soul and physical body. They can control both the spiritual and physical bodies of a person. These power can travel out during the day or night to anywhere for their meetings. Witches and wizards are the least in the TRANSCENDENTAL PLANE but are given the power to do many harm against humanity. The devil gave unto them a key to lock treasures of people who are not fully saved in Christ and those who are still cold and hot Christians. These powers are working hard against the TRUE CHURCH. They used to be outside the church but today, they are right inside the church and also controlling some pastors and the members at-large, we are going to discuss the details later. God hate witchcraft with passion. Hear what the Bible says, “There shall not be found among you any one that makes his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a WITCH, Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a WIZARD…. Deut. 18:10-11. Did you notice that God said, among you not outside. God did not say we should rid the world(the unbelievers) of its witchcraft, but among us. The majority of Scripture deals with the sin of witchcraft among GOD’S PEOPLE. In our dispensation, you will find a witch or wizard leading the children of God astray INSIDE the church(does that surprise you) and for that reason this is what God said, “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live”. Exo. 22:18. An evangelist went to a village to have a seven(7) days revival in the biggest church in the area, when he mounted the pulpit, he said, “GOD ASKED ME TO TELL YOU THE WITCHES AND WIZARDS IN THIS CHURCH TO REPENT BEFORE SEVEN DAYS OR IT WILL BE TOO LATE”. After, he said that, he share the grace and church close for the day. He did that for the remain days. On the last eight day, after the revival, 24 prominent people began to confess in their home of witchcraft. They were deacons, elders, church committees, ushers, prayer warriors group and choirs. They brought them to the Evangelist to pray for them but he said, NO! God said, After the seventh day, it will be too late. So, am sorry. On the ninth day, all the 24 agents died then a great revival broke out with God’s blessings. ANY WITCHCRAFT PRACTICE IN YOUR CHURCH, BE DESTROYED TODAY WITH DEATH IN JESUS NAME. I do remember one of my father in the Lord, a wonderful prophet and a holiness preacher but he was not aware that, his prayer warriors team have two witches among them, in the choir, the lady who do lead the song is a witch. For, good seven years, all his labour was in vain, until one day when they began to confess in a fire vigil. The prophet could not believe his ears. This power are among us as workers in our churches, some are members, others are the advice to the church, while others are the Spiritual leader. I one time know of a church that is well known for her preaching of Holiness and Sanctification, some years ago, one of the Sunday school teacher for the children, began to confess that Sunday morning that he is a wizard. A great prophet of God but late now, has a good female worker, who do read Bible for the Baba prophet anywhere, he goes for program. The woman fell down in a revival and began to confess that she has three witchcraft power on her for good 13 years, and she was the one opening up and read the Bible. I will talk more about their evil acts against the church and how to deal with them. I DECREE THAT ANY OATH, VOW, DEDICATION, DONE AGAINST YOU WITH WITCHCRAFT AGREEMENT AGAINST YOUR CHURCH, SCATTER BY FIRE IN JESUS NAME. THAT CHURCH UNDER THE POWER OF WITCHCRAFT, BE FREE BY THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST. ANY SIN THAT LED YOUR CHURCH INTO THE WITCHCRAFT COVEN, LET MERCY OF GOD SPEAK FOR THE RELEASE NOW IN JESUS NAME. Watch out for part two.

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