For the men, as a man, you are a 7 fold ministry to your wife You must provide for your wife. Don’t allow your wife to provide for you. Marriage is for two advanced forgivers. Don’t allow grudges to build up, they create walls Prevent evil from happening to your wife. Prevent people from taking your wife for a ride. Prevent something’s from happening to her! There are things that should never occur to your wife. Don’t let them happen. Permit your wife to shine. Give her some place and space. Make her feel important. Permit her to enjoy life, to shine! You say your wife is not beautiful! Give her £10,000 and send her on holiday for two weeks, by the time she returns you wont even know it is her. Some of you don’t know your wife’s shoe or bra size. When last did you open the door for your wife? It is not about culture, it is about honour Be kind to your wife. Grow as a man. Provide for her. You can not react to every thing as a man Your greatest honour as a man is in your home.You must protect your wife- from wicked in-laws, don’t let your family or even her family oppress her..Provide for your wife- There are two types of husbands, a man of means and a mean man. You must prefer her, when last did you open the car door for her? Honour your wife; let her know she’s important! Pamper her! Drive her on those long and inconvenient journeys, if there’s only one car, give her prioritized access to it.May the good Lord give us Good understanding amen


THE WOMAN: As a woman, you are many things to your husband and as a man, there are 8 things you should be to your wife. Don’t marry a man because of what he drives but what drives him Seduce your husband. Don’t always allow your husband to ask for sex. As a woman your under wear should match You must be a different woman to your husband every time. Be creative. Don’t be predictable. Give him what he wants. Everyone woman has an influence. If you lose influence over your husband you have lost womanhood You must learn to synchronize with your husband. Be part of his plans Don’t have too many children. Sex is not all about making children. Dress to please your husband Don’t fix time to have sex with your husband.When a man is sexually satisfied he is emotionally stable As a woman you should invest in yourself spiritually so you can adequately support him. Build yourself as a prayer warrior so that you will not be forced to pray at the end of your life. I agree with almost all but why must my husband provide for all my needs? Is he a money making machine? Secondly, why cant I provide for my husband, afterall, iron sharpens iron, they say, if he can buy me something, I should be able to reciprocate, isn’t that romantic? As a woman you are a helper! The one who you are helping must be stronger than you! Once you are married, you are somebody’s helper and the helper is meant to have what the person’s need! As a wife, you are meant to surround your husband! Women are natural keepers; men take care of your wives so your life can be long! The woman is your helper. Treasure your wife, let her feel important!! Let your wife know that she is important. Women, you are your husband’s helper, stop looking helter skelter! You are there to help him and God will reward you. As a woman, you are a builder!! Proverbs 14:1- A wise woman buildeth her home! We need wisdom to build. You must know when to speak, when to keep quiet, when to comfort, when to build! As a woman you are a servant! Titus 2:4-5- These older women must train the younger women to love their husbands and their children, 5 to live wisely and be pure, to work in their homes, to do good, and to be submissive to their husbands. Then they will not bring shame on the word of God. You are a cook, cleaner, laundry woman and nanny! When last did you love him and lay his head on your chest? When last did you run up behind him and kiss him? Once a bride, always a bride!! Stop calling him daddy or papa Joseph!! He is your husband! You are a servant, not a slave 12- You are an intercessor! Prayer cover him, satan proof him, Delilah proof your husband! If God has blessed you with a husband, pray for him. The praying woman is a winning woman; at certain times, just pray for your husband!! No matter how happy you are in your marriage, never stop praying for your husband! In case you don’t know, some people are not happy that you are happy? That husband you think is useless, some people are queuing to marry him. Take care of your home; no matter where you go, come back to your home! 13- As a woman, you are a lover! Some women forget that you are a lover! Every man is attracted by what he sees, while a woman is attracted by what she hears. That is how we are wired! If you are an old bride beside your husband, you will push him to a Delilah! The male species like variety, even Christian men can be tempted! Therefore, you must be many things to your husband! Become unpredictable in marriage! Wear your hair differently, dress differently! You should have two types of nightwear, the general ones and the ones only your husband can see you in; you know what I mean. Look lovely for your husband; remind him of what he has. Make the room you share have a wonderful ambience! Touch your husband! A woman needs 13 meaningful touches a day! Remain romantic! Don’t be an old ugly bride around your husband; walk hard to retain your shape! You must be romantic and spontaneous! Befriend your husband, if you don’t befriend him, you will wake up one day and find a huge emotional gap! Don’t let your ministry or career cause a rift between you 14- As a woman you are a covering! Look at Genesis 21:9-10 What a man can’t see, a woman can see! So, as a man learn to listen to your woman! Be careful when your wife warns you about a particular business or a friendship or woman, listen to her and try to understand her! Don’t tell your wife to shut up. As a woman, protect your husband, defend him! 15- You are a keeper, an assignment! For example, he gives you sperm; you keep it, deliver a child and nurture that child! He tells you his vision, you keep it in mind and help nurture and bring it to pass. May the lord give us Good understanding amen


1- If the brother is spiritually deaf, God will tell the sister while he is dealing with the deaf brother. 2- Sometimes, God needs to deal seriously with her before the brother comes. Ordinarily, that brother may not be someone she values, so God would need to work upon her to the extent that by the time the brother comes, the sister is ready. 3-God may need to deal with her because of certain things she may have to go through in marriage. So, it is important for her to know she heard clearly from God and not from anybody. ADVICE TO SISTERS If you receive from God concerning a brother; do not tell anybody because: 1- It may not be God you heard from 2-It may lead to open shame 3-It may come to the knowledge of the brother which may irritate him such that even If God speaks, he will not hear. 4- The time for the fulfilment of the revelation may be for an appointed time yet to come so when you broadcast it, you may endanger the purpose for which why God revealed it to you before hand. In addition, I admonish sisters to please be patient to hear very clearly, pray more, don’t base your hope only on dreams, make sure you have a clear interpretation of the dream. watch more and be sensitive to the Holy Spirit to broaden your mind and have a perfect knowledge of the revelation before shifting your focus on the revelation. Peradventure you find it hard to bottle up what you have received; pray and find someone who has spiritual authority over you and pour out your mind to the fellow for counseling and encouragement. It is degrading and shameful when a sister is the first to share revelation (it could be called spiritual toasting by the brother) it can be very devastating if the brother doesn’t even have a corresponding confirmation.
I once shared such a revelation with a brother while still single; I had bottled it up for years but spilled it out immediately my husband proposed marriage to me with the intention to free myself of the silly hope. Learn from this please! Surely my dear sisters the end will be worth the waiting Laughs… Sincerely its good to wait TILL the brother comes. But make sure you RECEIVE RIGHT or else you will soon find out you were actually waiting for another person’s husband. The Holy Spirit only CONFIRMS His word and He is not an author of confusion. God can show the lady first because such happens severally, if a lady has more sensitivity to spiritual things than the man, it is a huge possibility but it is scripturally wrong for her to approach a brother because that is out of divine order. Don’t go into hiding, Don’t avoid him totally like a plague Don’t flirt around him, Be plainly friendly and approachable.