Heavenly Father in the name of JESUS, I invoke these blessings on your children. 1 God will make you and your family into a Great Nation 2 God will BLESS you and your family 3 God will make your Name Great 4 And you and your family will be a BLESSING 5 God will BLESS those who BLESS you 6 And whoever CURSES you God will CURSE 7 And all peoples on earth will be BLESSED through you and your family in JESUS name. In addition to these blessings I PROPHESY that you are blessed in the city or the country wherever you live. Be blessed with abundance, overflowing storehouses and growing businesses. Be blessed with victories in all of your life’s battles and deliverance from all your enemies. Be blessed with peace and divine protection from the Angels of God. Be blessed with longlife and sickness free life. Finally you will eat the fruit of your labour and you will see your children’s children. All these I ask God to do for you and your family in the mighty name of JESUS. Shalom


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