A key ingredient in wisdom is to know who you are, and where you fit into the greater scheme of things. Arrogance is a major barrier to growth. The “know-it-all” is smugly satisfied. Don’t be arrogant, don’t be satisfied. Realize how little you understand. If you appreciate that wisdom is your most valuable possession, then you’ll push for more. You can think the world of yourself, only to walk into a room of geniuses and find out that you have a lot more to learn. Or you can be down on yourself, only to walk into a room of under-achievers and find out that you’re not so bad after all Each human being possesses a unique combination of personality, talents, timing and circumstances – a specific role to play in this world. Our role is dependent on many factors – not only our innate talents, but also on the needs of the times. The important thing is to discover your unique contribution – and fulfill it. Knowledge is responsibility. If you know something, you’re responsible to share it and act on it. That’s part of knowing your place. Being sensitive to others is one of the most important steps in knowing your place. Don’t just “be” with people. Notice them. Where are others strong and where are they weak? That will help you better understand where you stand. To avoid costly misjudgments, learn how to evaluate other people’s opinions. We often assume that someone is wise because he’s older, or has more experience, or occupies a high position. But it’s not necessarily true – just because someone is successful in business doesn’t mean he can tell you how to stay fulfilled. When someone expresses a viewpoint, put it into perspective: Does this person know what he’s talking about? Or is he just a know-it-all? On the other hand, when your knowledge is insufficient, don’t let your ego get in the way. We all like to think we have enough common sense to figure out what to do in life, but sometimes you need to turn to others for aid.


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