When I started using Pen{Biro} in my primary school, and I made a mistake, I would try hard to erase it. Sometimes I use chalk, but it later reappears. So I began to use saliva, it worked only to leave holes in my book. My teachers then used to beat me for being outrageously dirty. But all I tried to do was cover my errors. One day, a kind hearted teacher called me aside. “Hello dear” , anytime you make a mistake, just cross it and move on. Trying to erase it would only damage your book”. “But, I don’t want people to see my mistake and laugh at me”, I protested. “Trying to erase it will make more people know about your mess, and the stigma is for life” Have you made a mistake, cross it and move on. Take your mistakes as a philosophy of life, leave it there and move on. Don’t try to create more irreparable errors by trying within your power to erase it. To err is human. Just put all your mistakes in d hands of Almighty God, He will surely be with you because He’s the only One that is perfect!. Best morning friend’s.


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