Your key today is to honor the in-laws. Now I know what you are probably thinking, you don’t know my in-laws. Our culture tends to enjoy making fun of in-laws and speaking badly of them. The truth is your in-laws raised the person you are now in love with and they should be honored and respected for it. After all don’t you know all in-laws think there is no one good enough to be married to their daughter or son? The greatest thing you can do for your marriage is to win the hearts of the spouse’s family. I am not going to say it’s easy but it starts with you never speaking ill of them. When you speak ill of your in-laws you actually wound your spouse as well. If you cannot work to get your mates family in your corner then there is a good chance they will be the ones pulling you apart later on. Be determined in your heart that you are going to learn to love your in-laws and become part of the family. If you can win this battle early you are well on your way to a happy marriage relationship


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