John 11:35 Hebrew 6:6 IS THIS HOW WE WANT TO PAY HIM BACK FOR WHAT HE DID ON THE CROSS. ARE PASTORS AWARE THAT THEIR MESSAGES OF MIRACLES ALONE IS MAKING THE MATTER WORST WHEN the church choose to become worldly we make jesus cry when more than 75% of Christian who have died ends up in hell because of unconfessed sin….we make him cry when church leaders see divorce as option in marriage we make jesus cry when all that beleivers want is material things of this world alone then we make jesus cry when men of God are afraid of preaching holiness and repentance we make jesus cry when artificial appearance has replace the natural. appearance we make him cry when the souls that are won are yoked to church or pastors . …..we make Jesus cry On my post on Christmas day i said “jesus is not celebrating Christmas with us” some of my friends did not understand. …..please read this divine revelation……… TIME UP ! DIVINE REVELATION OF BROTHER SHANU TAIWO In my revelation this morning, I saw a man in white apparel, beautiful and good in looking. This man was weeping bitterly, He held his stomach with a hand and bowed like if someone want to vomit. I can see him that he was in a great pain and in a bitterness. When I saw him, I also started weeping. I wept not because of anything, but because of how he was crying in pains….(As I’m writing you, I’m also weeping). Then all of a sudden I saw an angel, beautiful. He flew to where this man was (I mean the man who was weeping). And the angel told him and…. ANGEL: THE FATHER SAID YOU SHOULD LET HIS CHILDREN COME HOME. THE MAN: (WITH A GREAT WEEPING REPLIED THE ANGEL AND SAID: WILL MY WORK, LABOUR AND SUFFERING GO IN VAIN? I CANNOT COME NOW. Then the angel flew away. But the man continued weeping seriously but no one to comfort him. Some minutes later, the angel came again with a scroll in his hand (If I’m right), and he stretched it to the man and said: ANGEL: THE FATHER SAID YOU LET HIS CHILDREN COME HOME. At this time the man raised up his voice louder in weeping. He didn’t collect the scroll stretching to him by the angel. Then he removed his beautiful white garment and looked up towards to heaven and said: FATHER, LOOK AT WHAT SUFFERED FOR, PLEASE….(He continued talking while weeping). When he will removed his garment, to my surprised, I saw wounds and blood afresh. His weeping caused me into great tears. When he was talking to the Father, there was no voice nor sign in order to show that the Father heard him. I was weeping with him to the extent that my faces swell up a little bit as if someone just woke up.


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