Articulated solution is not the end of most problem. I want you to understand that problem is a continuous phenomenon, no one can do without it, you can only rest for a while but do not rest forever in it. If God faces the problem of the whole world everyday then who are you to live without it? Happiness is an essential commodity, it is everywhere but highly expensive to purchase. Christians are blind from the reality of life, we blame God for every of our predicaments and we fail to understand that you have a part to play on this awesome field of life a part that even Jesus Christ “cannot” save you if you fail to play it. How much can you pay for your own happiness? Tolerance, patience, endurance and consistency are the joint price to pay for peaceful living. No one would pay this price for you, you alone must be disciplined for the sake of your smile. Be strong now and evermore because happiness can only thrive within your consent not without your knowing.


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