Maximize your today, by sowing a seed for a better tomorrow. The seed of tomorrow you are clamouring for and eagerly expecting is in today that you have. Yesterday has gone. There is nothing anyone, neither you nor i, can possibly do about it. You do not have control over tomorrow either. But what you and i have is today, whatever you do today will determine how tomorrow will be. Someone ones said “each day that passes without a recordable achievement is a waste”. Life is not a dress rehearsal. I do not care what philosophy you believe in, we have only one shot at this game called life. The stakes are too high to waste your life. The question is; what time is it and where are we? The answer is now and we are here. The message is not that you do not need to plan for the future. The message is you need to plan for the future. The fact is; if your today is productively maximized, you have sown the seeds for a better future. Some people practise procrastination by hifding behind high sounding words, saying ‘I’ m analyzing’ and six months later they are still analyzing. Paralysis by Analysis. Others procrastinate by saying ‘I am getting ready’. A month later they are still getting ready and six month later they are still getting ready. Mind you, the saddest words in life in life are ‘it might have been’ ‘I should have’, ‘I could have’ ‘I wish I had’. If you want to build a positive attitude, learn the phrase, ‘Do it now’. Make the best out of now and utilize the present to the fullest. Remember, time flies; years of our life roll by unnoticed. Before you realize what is going on, they would have gone before your very eyes. See every second of your life as something you must account for. Secure a focus on time. spend all your energy to pursue it. Avoid all time wasters. God will surely see you through. Note: Life is short, dont spend it experimenting. Do have a splendid day.


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