Dear friend, the bible says; it is appointed for a man to die only once, and after death it is judgment. Hebrew 9:27. | So many people lives their lives as if their is no end! They lives their lives in prostitution, in fornication and adultery, they lives their lives in cults, armed rubbery, internet fraud and rubbery, and wickedness, they lives in kidnapping, cheating others. So many people makes others to cry, so that they can live, and what have you. | Jesus said, what shall it profit you, if you shall gain the whole world in dubious ways or even rightful ways and lose your soul? Mark 8:36. |
Dear friend, you will die one day, and no body knows the day of his death, those who die yesterday didn’t know that they are going to die, those who slept yesterday and couldn’t wake up didn’t know that they are going to die. And so many people who will die to now never knows that they are going to die! |
Death is inevitable to all living beings, especially human being. But death is not the end of everything. It is just a transition into a realm that is more real than this world. It is either a transition to glory in heaven or torment, shame, and great agony in hell! | If you die without repenting from your sins, if you die without you accepting and receiving Jesus the Saviour, them you will enter into eternal fiery judgment after death in hell. | Therefore, I want you to carefully read the experience of this young lady who pass through the horror of hell after death! But you may not the same opportunity! | …..MY EXPERIENCE IN HELL | I was raped by a supposed friend (someone I thought I could trust). Left in shame and shock I could not tell anyone about my ordeal. I kept it to myself and went about my normal life. |
Some weeks later after I came back from a vigil I started feeling weak so I went to a nearby hospital and ran some tests. To my greatest Shock I tested positive to pregnancy. I told the man involved who after much plea convinced me to have an abortion which will be kept a secret. |
I went in for an abortion however before the procedure I asked God to forgive me for what I was about to do and in the process I died, I left my body. Still looking at the lifeless form on the abortion table, I started ascending but in a flash a force pulled me down through a dark tunnel. | I could not see the beginning or the end of the walls of the tunnel. It was dark, so dark, I saw cobwebs like cells on the walls and in an instant I was in HELL. I saw a woman who had been there for over a hundred years, she was in deep pain and agony, she would melt in the flames and the magma like liquid will come back together in the form of the woman. |
It occurred repeatedly. I knew I was in hell. I began to burn and burn, I felt like pulling out my hair form its roots, because the pain was unbearable. It was as if my senses where magnified over a thousand times. The agony of the burns was not enough. | The scream of people under the same torment was worse, it was so loud that I felt I would go deaf but they kept resonating in my ears. I began to scream, the more I screamed the weaker I got but the screams only got louder while I was getting weaker. |
I gnashed my teeth but no form of all these expressions made me feel better…it only got worse, beyond description. I was in deep torment. The worse feeling was not just the pain, the noise, the screams or the pungent smell. It was the feeling of HOPELESSNESS/TOTAL DAMNATION. I WAS CONDEMNED FOREVER. | I knew I was in HELL forever and ever. There was no way out. I began to cry out to God for mercy. At a point Jesus appeared and I wept the more. I asked Him to please give me one SECOND out of hell to just scream Jesus is Lord and die again. Jesus replied, “how many seconds are in a minute? How many minutes are in an hour? How many hours are in a day? How many days are in a week? How many weeks are in a month? And how many months are in a year? And how many years have you lived on earth?” I have given you all the seconds in your living years yet you failed me. I wept more and asked Him to have mercy and please give me another chance to go and tell the world about HELL. |
I pleaded with the Lord to give me a chance even if I return to the world without my hands or my legs at least let there be breath in my nostrils. I had a better understanding of the adage that a living dog is better than a dead lion. I even promised to tell the world of my ordeal if He delivers my soul from the torment in HELL. | He replied,’ many have gone from here to tell them, what makes you think they will believe you but I kept pleading for a second chance and as I was weeping and gnashing my teeth. Jesus had mercy on me but warned me sternly that if I did not preach I would end up in hell. He said, ‘tell my people to stop playing games with me’. |
At that point I woke up in the hospital room. At first I scared of sharing my horrific ordeal because I was concerned about my reputation but finally opened up…….. | WHAT IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY COST? If you are reading this post that means you have a chance to make a change and reconcile with God or if you are lukewarm it’s time to stop playing games with God. Words alone cannot tell of my torment in hell or the torment of those in hell. | HELL is not a myth, a story, OR a figment of someone’s imagination, HELL IS A REAL PLACE. A place you would not even wish for your enemies or those who have hurt you most to be. |
(Heb 9:27 says ~ And as it is appointed for men to die once, but after this the judgement.) If we recognise that all earthly things are someday going to be stripped away from us, then the craving for material possessions will matter far less to us now. | We should turn away from physical indulgence, for earthly pleasure leaves no permanent gratification. | (2 Peter 3:11 says ~ Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conversation and godliness) – |
We should stop giving excuses for God’s work – We should imitate Christ – Find out our purpose on earth and fulfil it – Be part of the move of God in this last days – Have a consistent walk with the Holy Spirit . |
Don’t forget friend, you may not have the same opportunity, but God will give every one on earth several opportunities to repent, therefore, no one will to heaven or hell by accident! |
Dear friend, the story Jesus told about that rich man in the book of Luke 16:19-31 who died and went to hell came to mind. He lived all his live time in affluence. He enjoyed every beat of his life in luxury. Am not condemning riches, but riches that is not in Christ is hell fire in disguise. But this man never lives in the fear of God. He never lived to know and follow God. He never used his money to know God nor man. He played fowl game with God. |
The poor man Lazarus who was full of shores, and extremely poor that was always sat at his gate for help, the rich man never do anything to take care of him, and the poor Lazarus died of hunger. But the rich man would go out there and spent lavishly in parties, with girl friends, etc. At the end of the day, the bible says this man died, and as he open his eyes in the other realm, he met himself in terrible flames of hell and cried…. |
Dear friend, you yourself knows that the kind of live you are living now is a pointer to the fact that you are playing game with God, and you will soon land in hell after death! |
For instance, you know where you slept yesterday, you know whom you slept with, and who slept with you, and that has been your life style with a slang that it didn’t have metre, you know how you always goes after another mans wife or husband, you know how you always goes after young girls, and boys, you know how your heart goes after riches, and you want to be rich by all means, etc. You are playing game with God. And you too will soon land in hell! |
You call your self a pastor or apostle, or evangelist, prophet, teacher of Gods word, bishop and what have you, yet goes about sleeping with another mans wife, another mans daughter, you defraud people of their money and materials! You tell lies, you use fetish power. Etc. You claim to be working for Jesus, but you are ending up working for the devil! You are playing game with God! Hell is awaiting you! | Dear friend, if death should come today, with these unholy games, where will you be? Where will you go? But it is only when we are on this earth we can amend your ways. Turn from that fruitless journey now no matter how many miles you have gone! Repent and turn to Jesus today. He will accept you. God said; | “…come out from among of them, and be you separate, says the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you. |
And I will be a father to you, and you shall be My sons and daughters, says the Lord Almighty. 2Corinthian 6:17-18.


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