“Once upon a time, there was a famous painter putting a final touch on his painting. The painter was so obsessed and thrilled with his painting that he reluctantly began to take steps backwards to admire the painting from afar. As he walked backwards, he forgot to look back. He continued stepping backward until he was just an inch away from the rim of the skyscrapper. A single further move backwards and he would have fallen from the edge of the eighteen-story building. A man looking on from across an adjoining room saw as the painter faltered at the brink of falling. He wanted to scream out at a warning, but realized that his cry would rather have startled the painter, causing him to step further and fall to his death. The man just stepped over the wall, grabbed a brush he found at the foot of the painting and began to scrub the gorgeous painting until it was totally damaged. As he began doing this, the painter started running forward towards his painting. The painter was furious and took something to hit the man. At this point, some other person who had also been observing the drama from a distance, held his hand and showed him to the last spot where he stood, nearly falling eighteen stories down to death, but for the man’s action which made him move forward. Every now and then, we paint our lives with such splendour and with hopes of glamorous moments we plan to spend with those we love. Then suddenly God seems to step in and destroy our beautiful paintings, knowing what hazard lies before us. We are irritated and angry by what God has done, but we must remember, God loves us, and He prepares only the best for us. God’s best appears like our worst!“


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