TRUE LIFE STORY. A woman called me on phone on Thursday last week crying that an unknown person summoned her to appear before a notorious dreaded shrine in Anambra State. The native doctor visited her compound to issue the summon and warned her that she will die by 12. 00 Noon today if she fails to appear before the shrine. I calmed her down and asked her to ignore the summon and go to a Catholic chapel and pray on the day of the invitation and see me before 12.00 Noon since I am at Onitsha for a missionary work. I and the woman met today and after prayers, I called the native doctor with the number he gave her and introduced myself as an Evangelist. I asked him to tell me the woman’s offence. He said that someone she owed brought her name to them. I asked him weather he is working for Police, EFCC, ICPC or a legal firm. He said No. I reminded him that death threats to a Nigerian is a serious offence and he has no legal or spiritual right to summon a Christian to an evil shrine or threatened her life. The irony was that the woman is not owing any one. I told him I will summon him to the altar of my God if he threatens the woman again. He thanked me for the matured way I spoke to him and asked me to call back later for more clarification. I have called him twice since our first call by 11.54 AM , he answered but said he was too busy to talk. The woman has not died anyway. Never ever answer any summon to an evil altar if your you are a Christian. If someone threatens your life, record the conversation and report to the police. It seems that native doctors, 419 scammers and kidnappers are now the unholy trinity. God will deliver us from them, Amen.


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