In hotel that I am staying at Onitsha now, their room television entertainment are permanently tuned to Telemundo, an American- Spanish telenovela satellite station and Zeeworld that promotes Indian telenovelas. Pastor TB Joshua’s Emmanuel TV is the third station. Unfortunately, I am not a fan of any of the three stations. Telemundo and Zeeworld had successfully edged out African magic channel that promotes mainly Nigeria films. When I grumbled to the Manager, he told me that their customers requested them especially the female guests. I think that the Latin Americans are using all manner of sentiments to make Telemundo thick and our females are glued to the endless often silly love stories. Indians , always smart, packaged the Zeeworld to tell emotional stories of love and social and family relationship tensions. Someone must cry every 10 minutes or so. Nigeria films are now same stories of Occult and ritualism, wicked mother in laws, village drunkards like Osuofia and Mr Ibu. Ghana added pornography to it to make them horrors for some to watch. But am also glad that some Nigeria films on cinemas will redeem our image. October 1st, Wives on Strike, Dry and upcoming new film CEO had shown that Mexicans and Indians will not stop the African Magic. The manager later created a 4th channel for me. CHANNELS TV. I am happy, at least the station is up to date with news and current affairs


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