1- If the brother is spiritually deaf, God will tell the sister while he is dealing with the deaf brother. 2- Sometimes, God needs to deal seriously with her before the brother comes. Ordinarily, that brother may not be someone she values, so God would need to work upon her to the extent that by the time the brother comes, the sister is ready. 3-God may need to deal with her because of certain things she may have to go through in marriage. So, it is important for her to know she heard clearly from God and not from anybody. ADVICE TO SISTERS If you receive from God concerning a brother; do not tell anybody because: 1- It may not be God you heard from 2-It may lead to open shame 3-It may come to the knowledge of the brother which may irritate him such that even If God speaks, he will not hear. 4- The time for the fulfilment of the revelation may be for an appointed time yet to come so when you broadcast it, you may endanger the purpose for which why God revealed it to you before hand. In addition, I admonish sisters to please be patient to hear very clearly, pray more, don’t base your hope only on dreams, make sure you have a clear interpretation of the dream. watch more and be sensitive to the Holy Spirit to broaden your mind and have a perfect knowledge of the revelation before shifting your focus on the revelation. Peradventure you find it hard to bottle up what you have received; pray and find someone who has spiritual authority over you and pour out your mind to the fellow for counseling and encouragement. It is degrading and shameful when a sister is the first to share revelation (it could be called spiritual toasting by the brother) it can be very devastating if the brother doesn’t even have a corresponding confirmation.
I once shared such a revelation with a brother while still single; I had bottled it up for years but spilled it out immediately my husband proposed marriage to me with the intention to free myself of the silly hope. Learn from this please! Surely my dear sisters the end will be worth the waiting Laughs… Sincerely its good to wait TILL the brother comes. But make sure you RECEIVE RIGHT or else you will soon find out you were actually waiting for another person’s husband. The Holy Spirit only CONFIRMS His word and He is not an author of confusion. God can show the lady first because such happens severally, if a lady has more sensitivity to spiritual things than the man, it is a huge possibility but it is scripturally wrong for her to approach a brother because that is out of divine order. Don’t go into hiding, Don’t avoid him totally like a plague Don’t flirt around him, Be plainly friendly and approachable.

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