For the men, as a man, you are a 7 fold ministry to your wife You must provide for your wife. Don’t allow your wife to provide for you. Marriage is for two advanced forgivers. Don’t allow grudges to build up, they create walls Prevent evil from happening to your wife. Prevent people from taking your wife for a ride. Prevent something’s from happening to her! There are things that should never occur to your wife. Don’t let them happen. Permit your wife to shine. Give her some place and space. Make her feel important. Permit her to enjoy life, to shine! You say your wife is not beautiful! Give her £10,000 and send her on holiday for two weeks, by the time she returns you wont even know it is her. Some of you don’t know your wife’s shoe or bra size. When last did you open the door for your wife? It is not about culture, it is about honour Be kind to your wife. Grow as a man. Provide for her. You can not react to every thing as a man Your greatest honour as a man is in your home.You must protect your wife- from wicked in-laws, don’t let your family or even her family oppress her..Provide for your wife- There are two types of husbands, a man of means and a mean man. You must prefer her, when last did you open the car door for her? Honour your wife; let her know she’s important! Pamper her! Drive her on those long and inconvenient journeys, if there’s only one car, give her prioritized access to it.May the good Lord give us Good understanding amen

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