He nudged my spirit. I fell inlove with Jewel in my first year in the University. We met through a friend who accommodated me on my admission. He was a dark and handsome guy, I think his cheerful and jovial nature drew my heart to him. He was a Christian but I don’t call him a born again. He proposed relationship to me and being my only friend and the only person I had in my new school I accepted his hands of friendship and we started dating like a year after. Mind you, I didn’t pray to know God’s will. Our relationship was very interesting and full of fun. He was a very brilliant guy. He studied Law while I studied Political Science. We didn’t joke with our studies at all, we played and studied together. We were always celebrating our success after each semester. It was fun and it appeared as if we were made to be together for life. Sincerely, we loved and cared for each other. Within few Months of our relationship; we met our families and we sealed the relationship beyond the school environment. I already gave my life to Christ and having established a relationship with Christ before going into the University, I made a commitment to God to keep my body till marriage and my boyfriend met me a virgin. I told my boyfriend while we were romancing and kissing that I am a virgin and I wouldn’t do anything until marriage. After much talk he agreed to wait. I was always proud of him because all my friends were involved in fornication. We dated for years while in the University. Our families gave their consent to our relationship and my greatest hope was to graduate and marry him. We dated for 7 years and no direct sex. I was feeling good thinking I was a virgin since we didn’t have sexual intercourse. I evaluated all the worth of all our romances…kissing, caressing and the likes and I reasoned like no…all these things make up sex too. In fact we did oral sex a number of times but because I wasn’t feeling comfortable with it we had to stop. I couldn’t stop the foreplay/romances because it was the only thing to do to keep our relationship going on. On several occasions, my boyfriend threatened to quit but with so much pleadings he would draw me into this arms again. Romance continued. I was a very committed Christian before I went to school but my fellowship was cold following my ungodly relationship. The relationship drained me spiritually. I started struggling with my walk with God. The communion was dry. To make the matter worse I had to drag my boyfriend along to my spiritual pedestal…I would try to spiritualize our relationship by organizing prayers together, going to my church and study Bible together yet God wasn’t there. Hmmm final year! the story changed in my final year in school. He started threatening me that he would quit if i refuse to have sex with him. I was confused and torn in between pleasing my boyfriend and God. All my friends were angry with me for holding on to my virginity for too long. To cut the long story short, one day I became tired of keeping my virginity…I wanted to be a woman. I felt I had tried enough staying a virgin till my final year in school. I went to my boyfriend’s house and I asked him to have sex with me. I told him that I was ready for fornication. He didn’t take me serious at all having disturbed me for years but by the time I hugged him he saw the light. We were right on the bed doing our usual…romancing and kissing… suddenly I heard the Holy Spirit said to my ears “YOU WILL REGRET THIS”
I jumped out of the bed immediately . My boyfriend was shocked and disappointed. I politely explained to my boyfriend exactly what the Lord said to my spirit. He got so angry. but i didn’t bulge. I can’t thank God enough for the Holy Spirit who called me out of my 5 minutes madness, The devil already knew a major encounter was on my way. Barely 2 Months after this escape from the altar of fornication I was in a church program when the Holy Spirit encountered my life afresh; I was baptized in the Holy ghost and given the gift of prophecy. What a beautiful date 27th February 2009. What a joy that flooded my heart following this encounter. It was so beautiful! My fire was re-ignited, my love and zeal for Christ was refreshed.
I called my boyfriend and narrated my ordeal to him. In short I told him that I couldn’t continue the ungodly relationship or better still we should continue the relationship without romancing and kissing. The short form of the story was that he quit. I couldn’t trade my relationship with Christ for anything. Why am I sharing this with you today? The one who practices sin is of the devil; for the devil has sinned from the beginning. The Son of God appeared for this purpose, to destroy the works of the devil. No one who is born of God practices sin, because His seed abides in him; and he cannot sin, because he is born of God. 1 John 3:8-9 The knowledge of this Scripture is powerful. 1. The one who sin is of the devil 2. The one who is of God does not sin If you are of God you will not sin. How? The ”seed” of God is in you. The seed of God is the HOLY SPIRIT. The Holy Spirit will speak to you, warn you and guide you per time. If you keep obeying His voice YOU WILL NOT SIN. How is your spiritual life now? Can you evaluate your relationship now as being holy or ungodly? Is your courtship pure? How is your fire for God today? Are you in school? Did God lead you into that relationship? What values has your so called boyfriend/girlfriend added to your life? How has your relationship contribute to your walk with God? Have you mingled with ungodly friends? How has school life influenced you? Is there anything you are doing contrary to the will of God and the Holy Spirit is warning you constantly beseeching you and crying “YOU WILL REGRET THIS” beloved heed His constant warnings and “YOU WON’T REGRET” Live your life in a way that you can look back someday and say “THANK GOD FOR MY LIFE” Toppy was a very beautiful lady, robust and very cheerful. She fell inlove with Darlene too in her first year in the same University. She was seriously in love and soon forgot about academics. Toppy and her boyfriend were living together like a husband and wife. (Cohabitation) Toppy started well but the moment she mingled her academics with dating problems stepped in. She lost concentration and focus on her academic goals. She started skipping lectures, study time was replaced with fun time in their room. She was giving her boyfriend all the benefits of a husband: she would cook,clean the house, wash clothes, fornicate, spends her money and do all the needful for him. Did she ever get pregnant for this guy? I guessed so! Having seen her dilluting some combinations together for a drink. They dated for years and all her hope was to settle down with the guy after graduation which would be like 5-7years to the time their relationship started Hmmm Toppy was away from school for like 6 Months (she went for IT) and their love story changed. Her boyfriend re-united with his ex- girlfriend, they fornicated and few Months later the lady returned to declare her pregnancy This guy apologised and promised Toppy that he would have the custody of his baby after birth but he would never accept to marry his ex-girlfriend We all advised her to let go of the relationship but she was hurt and hopeful hence the romance continued till the ex-girlfriend took her baby’s father by force Toppy, focus on your studies! You will regret this…she wouldn’t listen Countless carry overs on your palm…she kept hoping her boyfriend would help her out to bribe some lecturers, Go to the school and sort out your academic issues….she wouldn’t listen Toppy failed woefully at the end of her program in school. While most people were celebrating their success she was crying and biting her finger.
She lost her relationship and moved back home with no certificate to show the fruit of her single mother’s struggle. Why am I sharing this today? “The commandment of God are not grievous” What favour are you doing God for living holy? REPOST



Deuteronomy 1:6 says…” The LORD our God spoke to us in Horeb. He said, ‘You have been at this mountain long enough”. Many of you are in a condition and in a situation and in places and you’ve wallowed there for so long . Are you in a relationship that is not moving forward and making you unhappy? Are you in a business or career that is yielding nothing? Are you postponing the year you will get a better decent accommodation? What about furthering of your studies?. You can get out of your current situation, your current predicaments, and your current state of mind by humbling yourself and turning it over to the Lord Jesus Christ with strong faith and in prayers and letting Him take care of it. The Lord is telling us today: “My presence shall go with you, and I will give you rest.”- Exodus 33:14


Mockers and haters will never see anything good in your life and actions. When you walk on water, they will say that it is because you cannot swim. Even if you dance on top of the water, your enemies will accuse you and loudly complain that you’re raising dusts. Remember that trees change their leaves not their roots. You will never reach your destination in life if you stop to reply and throw stones at any dog that barks at you. If you’re in the first class of an aeroplane, please ignore the noise at the economy class. Never allow haters and negative people to distract and stop you. Ignore them and move on.


All graduates and non graduates youth roaming the streets of Nigeria will now smile due to government serious advice on employment opportunities. Alhaji Lai Mohammed, a member of our nation’s economic team and minister of information and culture is sure that 1000 youths will gain employment through the masquerades every week. He said so yesterday at Abuja that youths should stop complaining of unemployment when in a week 1000 youths should robe and derope a particular masquerade he saw in the East. Though he did not mention the masquerade by name, I am sure he is talking of Ijele masquerade from my state Anambra. Wow. Ijele to solve unemployment? What have we done to our leaders in this country? Are we cursed or are we the cause? Over to the youths that want the Ijele jobs. You see them in two towns…Enugwu-Ukwu and Eziowelle, both in Anambra State


May you see sunshine where others are seeing only shadows, May you see golden opportunities where others are seeing obstacles. May you see victory ahead when others are seeing defeats in life battles. May you see God’s goodness in our country when others are seeing hardship. May you see open doors of blessings when others are seeing disappointments. May you feel peace in your heart when others are having high blood pressure. May you see God angels around you when others are seeing only demons. People who consider themselves victims of their circumstances will always remain victims unless they develop a greater vision for their lives. Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.


A liter of fuel will be sold at 145 naira, so says our goverment. Surely hardship will increase in Nigeria but you will survive . We are now litrally in a hot water. Relax, the sweet flavour of a lipton tea bag will not come out untill it goes deep into the hot water. No rubber band will be used untill it is stretched. Your present condition is a step towards your glorious manifestation. Your present condition is not the conclusion. Believe that something great is about to happen. Like a teabag in a hot water…your generation will enjoy and celebrate you very soon after your survival.


In hotel that I am staying at Onitsha now, their room television entertainment are permanently tuned to Telemundo, an American- Spanish telenovela satellite station and Zeeworld that promotes Indian telenovelas. Pastor TB Joshua’s Emmanuel TV is the third station. Unfortunately, I am not a fan of any of the three stations. Telemundo and Zeeworld had successfully edged out African magic channel that promotes mainly Nigeria films. When I grumbled to the Manager, he told me that their customers requested them especially the female guests. I think that the Latin Americans are using all manner of sentiments to make Telemundo thick and our females are glued to the endless often silly love stories. Indians , always smart, packaged the Zeeworld to tell emotional stories of love and social and family relationship tensions. Someone must cry every 10 minutes or so. Nigeria films are now same stories of Occult and ritualism, wicked mother in laws, village drunkards like Osuofia and Mr Ibu. Ghana added pornography to it to make them horrors for some to watch. But am also glad that some Nigeria films on cinemas will redeem our image. October 1st, Wives on Strike, Dry and upcoming new film CEO had shown that Mexicans and Indians will not stop the African Magic. The manager later created a 4th channel for me. CHANNELS TV. I am happy, at least the station is up to date with news and current affairs

Boaz, and a native doctor

TRUE LIFE STORY. A woman called me on phone on Thursday last week crying that an unknown person summoned her to appear before a notorious dreaded shrine in Anambra State. The native doctor visited her compound to issue the summon and warned her that she will die by 12. 00 Noon today if she fails to appear before the shrine. I calmed her down and asked her to ignore the summon and go to a Catholic chapel and pray on the day of the invitation and see me before 12.00 Noon since I am at Onitsha for a missionary work. I and the woman met today and after prayers, I called the native doctor with the number he gave her and introduced myself as an Evangelist. I asked him to tell me the woman’s offence. He said that someone she owed brought her name to them. I asked him weather he is working for Police, EFCC, ICPC or a legal firm. He said No. I reminded him that death threats to a Nigerian is a serious offence and he has no legal or spiritual right to summon a Christian to an evil shrine or threatened her life. The irony was that the woman is not owing any one. I told him I will summon him to the altar of my God if he threatens the woman again. He thanked me for the matured way I spoke to him and asked me to call back later for more clarification. I have called him twice since our first call by 11.54 AM , he answered but said he was too busy to talk. The woman has not died anyway. Never ever answer any summon to an evil altar if your you are a Christian. If someone threatens your life, record the conversation and report to the police. It seems that native doctors, 419 scammers and kidnappers are now the unholy trinity. God will deliver us from them, Amen.


Have we grown so comfortable in our bondage that we are living defeated and hopeless lives? Whatever is holding you hostage and is binding you up in those chains isn’t worth it. Whatever is defeating you, burdening you and weighing you down, is keeping you from living in the freedom of a life of Hope and Victory. You will be forever tethered to that dismal and defeated existence unless you cry to God to remove the chains so you can be set free! POWERFUL PRAYERS TO BREAK THE CHAINS OF BONDAGE… I BIND AND CAST OUT the Strongman of chains of heaviness and the spirits of: • Oppression/depression/suppression • Sorrow due to financial crisis • Grief because of disappointments • Despair due to failure and stagnation • Discouragement because of delayed blessings • Down-heartedness to betrayals • Weariness as if God has abandoned me • Self-pity because I am blaming myself always • Wallowing in excessive mourning • Inner Hurts, torn spirit due to broken relationship • Lack of sleep due to negative thinking an worries • Rejection that I am facing from my destiny helpers • Broken-heartedness from family and marital crisis • Dejection from my weakness to pray again • Hopelessness of my current storms • Suicidal thoughts due my unending problems • The desire to die, to give up and not to trust God I LOOSE BY THE POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT: • The desire to live, to go on and forget the former things • Laughter and happiness because I am alive and healthy • Peace in my heart that God will answer me very soon • Acceptance and love from God; family and friends • Oil of joy for the spirit of heaviness to will trigger my blessings • Garment of praise for my multiple miracles epecially my freedom • Balm of Gilead to heal my emotions, the hurts in the body, soul, mind spirit, conscience and sub-conscience