* When you were busy ignoring my calls she called to hear my voice. * When you keep posting photo to gain more followers and toaster, She keep posting lovely msg to my box. * When you don’t have my time to chat with me, she gave all her time to share lovely chat with me. * When you never know how to compose Love msg for me she was busy sending love poem to me. * When youare keeping me away from you family, she present me to her family. * When you think your money belongs to you she invested on me. * when you keep malice with me, she never give a room for fight. * When you think am jobless she support my career. If you want to know how she won my heart. She never hide me for any reason. She has been using my pictures in all her social network. She always want to know everything about me every moment. She is ready to take to correction. She never find it Difficult to say sorry. She changed my name to ‘Temi’. When you call me Femi. She Love my family just like her own. Appreciate what you have. Don’t take you man/woman for granted. What you think is of no value is what someone valued most. Give time to build best relationship. Don’t take your relationship for granted.


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