I saw a great mountain in revelation, the mountain was designed with beautiful stones and it was painted black and white. I saw sunlight rising from the Eastern part of the mountain, behold, the mountain and the sunlight are both rising from the East. The sunlight was struggling to shine because there is a veil within the mountain that is covering it up. The sunlight cast it shadow beyond the mountain and the shadow never go beyond the mountain I can see it going OFF and ON. The mountain is a dangerous place to dare, it is a dangerous way to go in fact the sunlight was there alone struggling with the obstacle of circumstances. This is what will happen at the end. The sunlight shall remain with the veil of disobedient and it shall be downgraded to the inner part of the ground. Meaning it shall be buried inside it existence and it shall never find it way out. I’m using this opportunity to call everyone involved to help the sunlight to gain it strength before it is totally veiled. Your disrespectful act and misconduct are the forces covering the sunlight from shining. The mountain is the landmark, a mark that was created by honesty, humility and blood. The landmark do not need anymore blood, it requires diplomacy. Your victory shall be buried in your history if care is not taken, and it shall remain a living shadow even in your memory.


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