Breakthrough is the word of the season. As we are
coming to the close of the Month of Nisan, which is a time of new beginnings(the month of Passover)(Exodus 12:1-2), there is a foundation being laid by the Spirit of
God for true breakthroughs in the Spirit realm. We are in a transitional period between Passover and Pentecost. Passover represents the fullness of redemption, which includes healing, deliverance, and financial release. In order to understand how to receive and walk in the
fullness of a breakthrough, we must understand and embrace the fullness of redemption, which many of us don’t. In the redeeming of God’s people, there is a
revelation of the power of the blood, there is deliverance from all bondage, whether it be spiritual, mental/ emotional, physical, or financial. Also there is a re- establishing of Identity and Purpose. In other words there
is an infusion of Resurrection life within our lives and we are empowered to fulfill the purpose of God in our lives. As we continue this Spiritual Journey with the Father, according to the prophetic pattern of His timings and
seasons, we will begin to see with greater clarity how to maneuver through each season. Divine strategy and the wisdom of God will be released to us as we walk in alignment and synchronization with him(James 1:5). During this transitional period, there is a transformation
that is taking place in our lives that will allow us to see and meet God in a different dimension of Glory. He is more than willing and desirous of revealing himself as the
God Of Breakthrough! (2 Samuel 5:20) The Father wants every one of his children to understand
and know how to live and operate in a breaker anointing. (Micah 2:13). This anointing will unlock the strategy of heaven that will position the Sons Of God to become the
victorious overcomers that God has ordained each of us to be. It will also empower us to receive the full inheritance Of Sonship (Revelation 21:7). Blessings!


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