Oracle Mohammed Ali “the greatest” discovered another lengendary boxer Larry Holmes, and he made him his sparing partner for four years. Larry Holmes trained with Ali, and when Ali temporarily retired Larry Holmes step up his own game he became the World Heavy Weight Champion.
Mohamed Ali challenged his boy Larry Holmes who refused to fight his mentor, but eventually the fight was fixed and Larry after beating Ali cried like a baby. It was a very ugly victory for him. Larry Holmes went into the dressroom to console Ali, he told Ali he loved him and he hoped Ali would still love him back. Ali looked at Larry and said “if you truly love me why did you beat me up like that in front of the crowd?” Larry Holmes did not know what to say, he wept like a baby and Ali gave him a hug. Even in defeat Ali was still the Champion. He was the greatest boxer of all time no other names apart from Joe Louis and Rocky Mercianno could be closer to the man the whole world called people’s Champion. Ali fought in almost all the Continents in the World, in Africa he had a fight with George Foreman in 1975, in Manilla he fought Joe Fraizer, the Oracle visited Louisville Kenturky in 2005 the home town of the Greatest Boxer of all time Mohammed Ali. May his Soul rest in peace.


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