TODAY IS THE FUTURE YOU BEEN TALKING ABOUT FOR SO LONG. You could hardly wait to get here. You spent sleepless nights getting here. Neglected some things for other things to get here. Your heart would race thinking about getting here. Sacrificed time and investments to get here.
Constantly moving..never satisfied with the present. LOOK AT YOUR NOW ……A LITTLE LONGER! Re-examine what you already possess and realize you have more now then you had then.
Re-examine your present opportunities. Instead of you looking for opportunities. Opportunities are falling in your lap, they are looking for you. Re-examine your present Harvest. What once was a
struggle no longer exist. There was a time where “:saving a little of anything” wasn’t even a part of your vocabulary. But now its something you do instantly.
Re-examine your present inner peace, joy, relaxation. There was a time you didn’t have much of that.due to circumstances, life, lack, etc But now you can feel it,
experience it in abundance. Re-examine your present…..things that use to be hard for you to do are now so easy a natural thing for you. I had a conversation with someone concerning being there. And I decided to share this with you. They didn’t
know they were there but after conversing they realized they were there. MAYBE YOU JUST DON’T KNOW YOU ARE THERE….. Maybe you don’t know that you have already overcome, maybe you don’t know that you are already already free,
maybe you don’t know you are healed. Sometimes, it takes someone to tell you that you are there.
You still looking to your future for something that is now right before you. I AM SENT TO TELL YOU TODAY THAT YOU ARE THERE!
Enjoy your moment NOW, that moment you been longing for. Take a deep breathe..Breathe in..Breathe out and enjoy
the present moment. Taste it, smell it,feel it because it has TAKEN YOU A LIFETIME TO GET HERE! Don’t waste this moment of enjoying being here!


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