I don’t know who you are devil But I know you can hear me You have played with my mind And have your way long enough No More! You are done! Jesus is the Lord of my House Jesus is the Lord of Career Jesus is the Lord of Marriage And that means there is no place for you here anymore So take your lies, your skims, and your accusations And get out in Jesus name. You can’t have my Marriage You can’t have my Children You can’t have my Career You can’t have my Spouse You can’t have my Ministry And You can’t even have anything that belongs to me. My life is under a New Management And that means, You are out! And another thing, I am so sick that You are stealing my Joy, But that is changing too. My JOY didn’t come my friends, my job, not even my family My JOY is found in JESUS! And just in case you have forgotten, He has already defeated you. So go back to Hell that you belong And leave my family!, my Career! my Marriage! My Ministry! and Leave my Life! #ACallToChallenge #FightBackTheDevil #OnYourKneels #YourCareer #YourMarriage #YourChildren #YourMinistry #YourHome #YourJoy #YourPrayers #SaveYourHome #ClaimYourVictory #ExtractedFromWarRoom

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