Leaders do make mistakes. Everybody does,including the ‘spiritual’ and ‘carnal’ Christians as popularly called. The mistakes of our Christian leaders doesn’t always mean they are no more who they are. That Christian leaders, followers or believers make mistakes doesn’t mean they’re mistake. A man’s mistake doesn’t make him a mistake automatically. It simply proves that he is still human, a creature full of imperfections Whenever God allows us to see our leaders mistakes, it is because 1) He wants us to understand that although they’re called and backed by Him, they’re still human 2) He wants us to learn from such for the benefit of our relationship with Him and our eternity 3) He wants us to realize that anyone in human body (Earthly vessel) can make mistakes, regardless his level in life 4) He wants us to know that a spiritual man can still make costly mistakes naturally, because physically speaking he is not a spirit. 5) He wants us to see more reasons why we shouldn’t stop to intercede for them for the sake of His name. 6) He wants us to be there for them in our own little ways. 7) He wants us to be His instruments of encouragement to them 8) He wants us to contribute to the processes of their total restoration,in a way or another 9) He wants us to see reasons (Through people’s reactions to the leaders mistakes) why we shouldn’t disappoint Him and our generation
10) He wants to use what we saw to challenge us to take our stand for Him in all ways and by all means The mistakes of our Christian leaders therefore should not be excuses for us to become their crucifiers. When they make mistake, heavens do not expect us to treat them as mistakes. If you can’t pray for a Christian leaders, you have no right to become their judge or crucifiers. And if you can pray for them, you have no reason to “kill” them in your heart or with your words any longer. I challenge you in the name of the Lord, therefore, to be a part of God’s agendas of restoration among Christian leaders. BE THE INTERCESSOR THAT HEAVEN CAN TRUST. Be a reason for their lifting in the spirit,starting from your present leaders. May God help you. (Share it)

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