This episode is particularly inspired by the English dictionary copulative definition of growth, which defines it as ‘to assume a condition or qualify over time’. Being a typical African, I have seen in African movies and come across many people whom were told by spiritualists when they were much younger that they foresee a very bright and very prosperous future for them. I mean let’s face it, as very religious and spiritual people, many of us now and again visit our spiritual leaders for prayers and guidance into the future, regarding a challenge or for protection. These spiritual people hence could predict an outcome tied to certain terms and conditions. Drawing from this practice, if for example a child at birth according to a true prophet’s prediction is ordained or predestined to be a very successful world class surgeon, if on the account of this prediction or prophesy, this boy does nothing whatsoever to become a surgeon, it’s very unlikely he would turn out as one despite the prediction or prophesy. What I mean is, if this boy knowing this prediction, refuses to enroll in school, wouldn’t go to primary or secondary school, wouldn’t also go to medical school no matter how much he believes in this prediction it will never come to pass because in life the basic design for success and fulfillment is by growth. You just don’t appear a success, you emerge a success. Every living thing ultimately grows and matures into full measures of maturity. Growth is the proof of true living. Growth as it were, is continuous transformation in condition per time. Growth is change occurring as at when due in consonance with an expected end. Growth is transformation; transformation is change in form, the transition in formation. You can’t experience you can’t experience growth without transformation and you can’t undergo transformation without experiencing change. Unfortunately, many of us don’t like change. Many love to stick with the familiar; it is easier to remain in your comfort zone. To realize your dreams and reach your full potential in life you must be open to change. You must be willing to change and become dissatisfied with staying the same over a long period of time. Life is always at some turning point, things for everyone never remain the same, the terms and conditions for growth keeps popping up. The more nimble you are at living up with these demands the higher your possibility of success, if you’re however laidback or carefree about the dynamics of your growth type in life, you may fall quite short and be perpetual in mediocrity. Progress without change is impossible. You cannot experience true progress in life if you’re not willing to change your style, your approach, your understanding, your knowledge, your skills and your attitude, all these you must commit to continuous upgrade to experience and enjoy true progress. Many today unfortunately suppose and assume growth comes with aging. They believe the older you get, the wiser you become and the more proficient you become in managing the issues of life. My dear friend, this is not the case. Age in my opinion is not tantamount to wisdom. I’ve come across many people who are relatively young in age but very wise and I’ve met some old folks who are quite irrational and impetuous in their reasoning and judgment. My dear friend, are you growing or getting older? Growth is positive transformation; age is purely about the turn of time. Are you aging without growing? Can I drop this on you; growth is less of how you look and more of how you think; your attitude and ability. Your looks may only spell age and not growth, your being married may only spell age and not growth in fact your being a father or a mother may only spell age and not growth, and your being the eldest in your family may only spell age and not growth. Growth is when the totality of your life quality is appreciating not just your physiology. Whatever your dreams, goals, dreams and aspirations are, you better begin to grow into it and not assume it will just happen without you lifting a finger. Many of us today still hold strongly to a philosophy, a mindset a superstition and an opinion that has till date held us down, frustrated our growth and hindered our progress. Still we wouldn’t let go simply because it’s a popular opinion; many subscribe to it. A person unwilling to review his opinion can never correct a mistake and if you will continually remain in error you cannot get your right results. For how long have you being trying to achieve a goal and keep failing, yet you’ve refuse to change your approach and style? If an approach wouldn’t work isn’t it wisdom to try some other ways more noble, more practical and more sensible? You can’t be better than what you know. If you want superior answers, superior results and superior rewards you must improve the quality of your knowledge. What do you know today that you didn’t know last month, last year or five years ago? Are you taking deliberate steps to improve the quality of your thinking by expanding the scope of your knowledge? Knowledge is power! When you experience weakness in any area of your life instead of grumbling, complaining and indulging in self-pity, get the power to win through knowledge! There is no problem without a solution, every problem has got its solution if it has no solution then it’s not a problem; live with it. For example the fact that nightfall must come whether we like it or not is not a problem because there is no solution hence we live with it. Dear friend, you cannot become what you want by remaining how you are. You must begin to think, act and behave like you want to become as you want. If you want to become a manager you must begin to acquire the knowledge, qualifications, and skills of management, then you begin to think and act like a manager, that is the only way to eventually become one. You can’t keep acting like a driver, a security guard and office assistant, a store keeper and the likes if you want to become a manager. For a manager as well, you can only become a director when your knowledge, capacity, leadership skills and performance equate that of a director. It is difficult becoming what you desire if you want to remain the way you are. When you take on transformation through deliberate and systematic change then your real growth will mature you into your next level. When you long for growth, you long for increase. When you increase you become bigger, better and stronger. Dear friend, enough of making excuses for your current situation and not so glowing circumstances. What deliberate attempts have you made to escape your challenging condition? Have you just been grumbling and murmuring? Are you passing the buck to others whom you think should be responsible for you as though they don’t have their own struggles and issues even though you don’t know it? What self-help are you employing to break free from your unpleasant condition? Are you hoping, wishing and praying for pity and unfair consideration? Are you hoping for promotion even though you lack what it takes to handle that new office and position you’re gunning for? Are you believing someone would give you so much money as capital to start that business even though its glaring you lack the knowledge, competence and discipline to succeed? Common my friends get real and face your truth. Stop employing the sentiments of how old you are to find entitlement to benefits and positions you haven’t earned and can’t manage. You need to really grow up to leverage the opportunities of different levels and stages in life. Change and growth is tough when you hang with people who are not growing and who don’t like change. You will remain comfortable in your mediocrity. Dear friends, connect and relate with people that can inspire, motivate, encourage and challenge you. Long to keep company of those who are forever progressing; people who are dissatisfied with remaining small, who can’t wait to reach for their next levels. It is better to be far ahead in life than to be way behind even if all your friends and contemporaries are lagging way behind you. Don’t compete with your contemporaries, work in line with your life plan, your vision, mission and destination. I’d rather be a billionaire at 40 in the company of billionaires in their sixties than a billionaire at 60 in the company of billionaires in their forties. I’d rather be a success already at forty even if all my contemporaries think life begins at forty. I’d rather be an MD/CEO of a multi-billion dollar business at forty than at 60 or seventy. For me it’s a race against my time, my schedule, not anyone’s. Dear friend, are you growing or getting older? Enjoy your day.


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