– THE TRAP OF KNOWING And every day I keep looking at them and I keep wondering when I see them express excitement and pleasure in the fact that they have been able to discover themselves. I’m talking about folks whom through grace and knowledge have been able to identify exactly what their purpose is and how well equipped they are to fulfil their purpose. I watch them as they talk to others about understanding purpose and how knowing one’s purpose marks the beginning of a life with meaning. They keep nodding in approval when I’m teaching on discovering and understanding purpose and after my lectures they put up their hands not to ask questions but to further share what they know and their personal experience in discovering purpose and how happy they have become since they discovered theirs. I look at them, listen to what they have to say then I try to reconcile their lives and what they’re currently doing with what they keep saying and dear friends, I see a huge gap. They talk about the pleasure of owning your vison and dreams, they tell you how important and fulfilling it is to run your own stuff, they throw up the merits of real purpose and focus and share the danger of a life without purpose, they speak on this issue with so much understanding and confidence in fact some do teach what they know in especially religious meeting but alas, check out their lives, some of them are still very much apart and afar from their own lives of purpose, and they in fact have no immediate plans or set time to venture into this life of purpose, how ironical. At times I ask them when they plan to venture and shockingly they state the same fears and excuses they teach others not to worry about. They mention the state of the economy, capital to start a business or pursue the dream, cash flow matters and the likes as reasons for not venturing yet, and these same people have taught others to launch out by faith and they will see God do wonders and they aren’t willing to risk what they’re asking others to believe and try out. Wow. I hear many others too, talk about commercialising gifts and talents and following one’s passion. They speak with so much gusto and conviction, they advocate very strongly the benefits of doing what you love and enjoy and getting paid for it, they speak to everyone and in many fora and when I check them out, I discover they just know their talents and passion, they are also doing absolutely nothing about it. They still love the respect that comes from their prestigious employment; the titles and the ID cards of very popular and respected companies – oil, banking, media and manufacturing; and they feel inferior about wearing the ID card of their ‘yet to be popular’ personal company. The opinion of others and low self-esteem is holding them down. My dear friends, there are many of you out there, you know yourselves well, you know your strengths, weaknesses, you know where the opportunities are and you have all it takes to be the best of yourself today and now, but somewhere in your mind, you just keep putting the decision away till later. You know who you are, you know what you want, you know how to get there, you have the pre-requisite knowledge, experience and connection, but you just won’t make the move. You’re trapped in the satisfaction of knowing. The anxiety of being lost in this world, being confused about identity and purpose is gone, simply because now you know, what you’re not however considering my friend is there is the perfect time and season for everything under the sun. I remember it so well, it was a sad and an unfortunate occurrence back in the days when I was in school. A very brilliant course mate had an automatic carry over not because he failed but because he missed his time. It was a course he knew so well, he was sure of at least an A, it was a course many people struggled with and the lecturer wasn’t particularly kind, we were all studying pretty hard the night before the exam, he was going from one cluster of students to another teaching and explaining to everyone. We all went to bed that night still nervous about the exam, he wasn’t; he kept encouraging us and assuring us all will be well. That morning we were all seated in the hall writing the exam and alas, this course mate wasn’t in the hall, he was absent, there was no GSM then and no one was willing to go back to the hostel to check up on him at the expense of writing the exams. He arrived just as we concluded the paper, he was in shock, he began to cry, he assumed it was an afternoon paper, he missed the timing, he didn’t know it was a 9:00am paper. He failed. He didn’t fail because he didn’t know, he failed because he missed his timing. Dear friend, knowing your purpose, getting excited about your talents, gifts and passion is not enough, it doesn’t matter the number of people that admire you and celebrate your knowledge of you. Your confidence, and being self-assured is not enough and it’s no guarantee you will fulfil purpose or destiny if you’re careless with timing. How much respect do you have for your time? Do you respect your time and understand your seasons? Are you too comfortable with your current state you don’t see the need for urgency in doing the needful? You still want one more promotion, one more salary increase, become a manager, become a director, acquire more certificates and have enough experience before you’re sure you can venture? Listen to me dear friend, no one is ever sure and there is nothing like a perfect timing. You launch when it’s time not when it’s convenient, it’s not when you think it would work it’s when you’re sure you’re determined to make it work. Too many people today are so afraid they may lose their jobs this year based on the current economic situation. You’re afraid, you’re tensed up and disgruntled; not even sure about your next salary. You perhaps see yourself as a victim today and this is simply because you wouldn’t decide to be in charge of your own income and your life after 15 to 20 years of being employed and paid by someone else. When people talk safety, safety, be careful, that’s when to really be on the lookout. You’re not anxious, you’re not so ambitious, you’re not working hard towards becoming the real you; fulfilling purpose and ambition, obtaining divine provision for your vision hmmm. Become that great person, a person of repute, building and creating value, solving social problems and providing answers to the needs of mankind solving food problems, health problems, literacy problems, relationship problems, infrastructure problems, civil problems, legal problems, information problems, IT problems, family problems, entertainment needs, leisure needs, fashion needs, travel needs and the likes. Dear friend, look at the year, all stretched out in front of you in the form of time, you have another 8 months to do something or just keep watching again. For how long will you keep watching the days pass you by? Morning, noon, and night, morning noon and night, we eat, we sleep; still dream and yet go about our normal duties and lifestyle without precession; unsure of outcomes and possibilities; a life overwhelmed by the desire to take and eat and consume, not very much interested in giving, or building or service. A life ebbing away like sand through the hour glass; you’re worth more than just existing my dear friend. Let today mark the beginning of your active pursuit of your dreams, goals and purpose. You can’t just keep talking and getting excited about knowing your purpose. At times you can actually feel happy thinking about your dreams and it ends there. Your dream is not just about your emotions, it’s about your courage, determination and guts to execute. Fulfilling purpose is serious business, people can talk, many people do talk, talk is cheap, talk is common but it does not put food on your table, clothes on your back, secure your health, life and property and put good money in your bank account. If all you like to do is talk, then commercialise your talking skills. Knowledge is critical. Continue this year seeking knowledge, what you know can’t trap you, seek knowledge then activate your dreams, don’t end the year the same way you’re starting it. The end of this year must be better, more glorious and more rewarding, enter your rest and peace; engage your God given talent and let destiny smile on you with fortune and gladness. Stop living a life you’re not designed for, you’ve wasted enough time already, now is the time for real change, it’s in your hands, activate today. Enjoy your day.


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