– YOUR SEED NATURE I’m convinced many of us today, irrespective of our status and experiences in life still believe there is something great about us. We believe we have required potentials and possibilities to become great, become significant and valuable in life. We may have been through very difficult situations, experienced very disappointing circumstances; setbacks, betrayal, failures and losses; in spite of all, somewhere in our hearts, we just know and believe one day, the greatness we believe we carry will eventually manifest. Little wonder, many who are completely lost today on how to manifest or connect with greatness have had to look on to divine intervention, hence they chase after spiritual consultants to help them discover their place and opportunities for breakthrough and prosperity. Many of us believe in a better tomorrow; we see a future better than our today, but somehow we’re not just sure how and when it will manifest, we are confused and quite anxious. You see we have applied the hard work principle, the education principle, the certification principle, the knowledge principle, the faith principle yet very many of us don’t see the desired results at the end of the day, we are still struggling. This morning I’ll like to share a principle of divinity and nature with you. You see, everything that is alive today in its very first stage of existence manifests as a seed. Nothing alive manifests in maturity, no, every living thing is created first in the form of a seed including you. You were first of all a seed in the loins of your father. You didn’t exist from the beginning as full human, you were first of all a seed. Now a unique quality of a seed is the ability to transform, mature, become productive and yield great satisfying benefits to all. Every living seed planted is planted with the hope that it will grow and become mighty and useful. When you put a corn seed in a good soil, you don’t expect a corn seed back, you expect a corn plant. When your father planted you in your mother’s womb there was an expectation; not of a seed but of a human being. Now pay attention to this, for a seed to grow and be productive the environment must be conducive for growth. It must be planted in the right soil and atmosphere for growth. No matter the excellence in the quality of a corn, the soil must be good for it to grow. A fantastic corn seed would never grow on a concrete floor without moisture or sunlight. If you were never put in a womb but remained in the loins of your father, you will never be here today. The environment for growth and productivity is very important for a good seed to manifest great productivity and glory. Dear friend, you are by nature designed first as a seed. For you to however fully manifest your greatness, your glory and benefits to all mankind, you must perpetually remain in an atmosphere necessary for your continuous growth and development. You see, you are an excellent seed, designed with potentials by your maker for greatness and glory and for all mankind to benefit and be blessed. Education will improve your quality as a seed, hard work will improve your quality as a seed, knowledge would improve your quality as a seed; however, no matter how excellent you are as a seed, it is the good and conducive environment that will make you manifest the excellence within. The environment I’m talking about has nothing to do with geographical location, it’s about being in your place, in your own soil, in your appropriate atmosphere for manifestation. Your seed nature requires the right atmosphere to grow, so kindly follow me as I share the qualities of the atmosphere that will definitely make you grow healthy, strong and bright pretty fast. 1. Presence. What you see, what you hear and take in daily determines if you’ll grow or die as a seed. For you to grow and glow make sure you make up your mind to be around people and in places that will keep you happy, motivated; inspired and feel a consistent need to be better. If daily you listen to negative people, negative news, discouragers, complainers; mediocre, bitter and offended people. People full of excuses, always finding fault, blaming everyone, rejecting responsibility, criticising everyone, their parents, their leaders, the country; people who never see anything good in anything and anyone, people who always think negatively, you will never manifest glory no matter how good and gifted you are. Whose presence you chose to plant yourself daily will determine your growth or death as a seed. 1. Peace. Peace is very important for you to manifest greatness as a seed. Peace is a necessary ingredient for growth. When you hang out and connect emotionally with people that are troublesome, people with trust deficit, people that get you worried, make you uncomfortable, suspicious and tensed, it will be difficult to grow. Peace of mind is necessary for creativity and concentration. If you don’t feel free with anyone, no matter how important the person is, disconnect physically or emotionally such that anything they do will not get to you. If you remain emotionally bound to troublesome people they will pull you down and wreck you. If they are people you can’t walk away from, simply disconnect emotionally and focus on yourself and your dreams. To flourish, you need peace. 1. Power. Power is very important for growth. Learn to hang out with people and in places where you’re energised and empowered. You need mental, emotional and psychological power to grow and flourish as a seed. Identify different sources of power, for example I assume many are mentally and psychologically empowered listening to this show every morning. Connect with power through books, movies, and groups. You can join my mentoring class or any other good mentoring class for energy. Its sad many spiritual gathering today have become a place of condemnation, competition and pretence instead of a place of power and energy. If you would not lie and decisive yourself, we hide our true self at spiritual gatherings to be accepted and respected. Pretence depletes psychological power, be in a place where you can be real to find real support and energy. Be in a place where they’ll make you realise everything is possible if you know the secret. 1. Prosperity. Even if you’re not rich yet, learn to connect with the rich and visit places the rich visit or live in. If you’re growing you must be growing towards something. Plants generally grow towards the direction of sunlight. You must seek the light of your life and grow towards it by identifying it and hanging there. Don’t hang around people and places where poverty is popular. Don’t be comfortable with hardship, scarcity, insufficiency and penury. Never camp where the spirit of poverty prevails. If you live in Lagos for instance occasionally just take a cab and visit where the rich live. Go to Ikoyi, Banana Island, drive through Gerald, Bourdillon, and visit the best hotels in Lagos. Sit in the restaurant and buy yourself a bottle of soft drink even if its ten times the price compared to the street, you’re paying for an experience. Watch the rich as they go in and out, talk, walk and dress. Walk through the parking lot also, human beings like you own the cars. On your gadgets visit sites of the latest cars, the latest electronics, latest buildings, holiday spots and successful business men and women. I promise you, with time you’ll begin to manifest prosperity yourself because it’ll influence your thinking. Its poverty that sees abundance and calls it waste. Change your thinking about money, “nina lowo”: Money is meant to be spent not worshipped. Locate yourself in an atmosphere of prosperity. Beyond hard work, education, passion and diligence; presence, peace, power and prosperity will help shape your connection with purpose, inspiration will come, motivation will come, courage will come, attitude to risk will become higher, mediocrity will vanish and in a short while you will manifest purpose. You will be productive and bear much fruit. Eventually you will receive peace, not as the world gives but as your creator who has called you on to purpose and glory gives. Respect your seed nature, the atmosphere is also very critical. Enjoy your day.

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