– INSPITE OF THAT FACT I presume many of us probably woke up this morning with that subconscious state of mind underscoring a fact that things are just the same. The year is fast drawing to a close, we believe we’ve tried as much as we can since the year begun and as it appears, our desires are not just yielding to us. We look back at the whole year and it’s unfolding, remembering all that happened, all we expected to happen and did not, some pleasant surprises and some disappointing developments. We sum it all up and begin to question if the year has really being that fantastic and if there are any more phenomenal surprises before the end of the year. Is this how it would end? Is this the whole stuff, is there anything more; anything new, something different, any new excitement before the year? Many of us are still wondering. Some of us incidentally have resigned in pursuit of any more dreams for this year; for us it’s over and we’re already pushing many things in our mind into next year, right now we feel somewhat powerless against what the rest of the year holds and we’re already preparing ourselves psychologically and spiritually for safe closure as far as this year is concerned. As we reflect, for some, significant achievements have been made, for others nothing new or really different from the previous year apart from the fact that we’re a year older. Some of us tried some new things but failed, some tried and are still struggling with it; some didn’t dare to try out of fear and low attitude to risk; while some others tried and are today very glad they made the move. Life is like that. No matter what class you fall in this morning, I think the most important question we all must try to answer is, are we moving forward? Are we progressing? At what pace; faster or slower than events surrounding our lives? Are we ready for the challenges of the coming year; financially and statutorily; maybe more responsibilities, maybe higher bills; higher cost of living and probably one or two important projects to deal with? Take a look around you, begin to think about all those who’s been a part of your life from the start of the year till now, how many have really been there for you in terms of support, encouragement, motivation and push? How many of them inspired you by their ways of doing things, their words, their achievements and passion for success? How many did you really learn from? What is the benefit of the friendships you’ve kept all through the year till now? Were there some that made you comfortable in your comfort zone; kept you at ease in mediocrity, convinced you to remain indifferent to things happening around, and those who would rather you remain with them at their level than you going higher on your own. Review your friends and your friendships thus far this year, what has really being the cost of the friendships? What have you gained what have you lost? Any regrets? Check also your environment, are you still stuck in that employment and with that employer who lacks focus and a clear sense of direction? Still working very hard for that organization with self-serving leadership team – a crop of business owners full of excuses for failure and have nothing to promise as far as your career future is concerned? Are you still stuck in that employment? Stuck in that position where you’ve been doing the same thing for the last three to five years; you haven’t learnt anything new or different. Your skills, competencies, experience and capacities have remained the same for three to five years. Your employers love you remaining in that position because you’ve become an expert and you’re also reluctant to move because it’s become easy to handle – you’re already used to it? What positive influence has your work environment made on you this year thus far? Are you more experienced, more knowledgeable, more competent and more efficient? Has your environment done anything special to you work wise? Do you need a change in department or unit or team to know more? When exactly do you want to move up and change position in life? What are you doing about your seasons and times? Are you single, married, a young family, a middle aged family, or all your children are grown and gone? How are you strategizing against your next season in life? Are you about to wed? How are you preparing for the children to come afterwards? Are your children still in primary school? What’s your plan for their secondary and tertiary education? If you have children in tertiary institutions already, what’s your retirement plan about? Are you doing something now against these seasons in your life? Or year after year it’s still the same old excuses and buck passing and blame games not considering these seasons are crawling up on you slowly but surely? Is your ambition to build a house of your own in view or you’re still praying without planning? What are your plans about your own home? When do you want to start? If you’ve started when do you plan to finish? If you have one, when are you starting the next one for you to lease or rent out? Have you considered the importance of real estate to your life when you’re too tired and old to run around and work hard for money? Are you still waiting and praying for the economy to improve when people older than you, younger than you are and even your contemporaries are growing in skills, knowledge, capacity and income; earning enough and making good success legitimately? Have you acquired the skill or competence that commands the best reward and compensation in your industry or still thinking about it, or your capacity and ability is still cheap and too common place to attract a that fantastic salary? What is that rare thing you’ve got that your employers need and are willing to pay so much for? Did you go for it this year or its still on hold till next year? Are you thinking and hoping the general salary increases year on year or what the union fights for is sufficient to couching the effect of your ever growing expenditure? Do you have a personal yearly budget? Do you have an annual family budget? What’s the figures looking like for next year? What’s your income and expenditure for next year looking like? Positive; negative? Why are you still in this situation, why are you still at this level? For how long do you want to keep hoping and expecting someone to help make your own change happen? Why are you not initiating your own growth, promotion, and advancement? Why are you leaving undone all the needful and spiritualizing your condition? Why are you not taking the necessary steps and actions required for rapid growth, promotion and reward? Why is it everyone’s fault but yours? Why are you focusing and emphasizing the challenges and limitations and not the solutions and opportunities? Why are you not taking a firm stand with yourself to do what is necessary even if you don’t feel like it? Where is your discipline and self-control? My dear friend, dates, time and calendar is all a thing of the mind. Every day is 24 hours and every special day only exists in your mind. Your birthday my dear is someone else’s regular, normal event free day. No big deal, nothing special. If you treat your birthday like a regular day instead of a special day it’s no crime; it wouldn’t kill you. What I’m trying to say here dear friend is, there is no difference between the earliest days of this year and the latter days of the year; every day is just another day in this world. December 31 and January 1st my friend are just like every other day except in your mind. What you can do in the middle of the year you can also do on the last day of the year. Winding down mentally and physically because you think the year is coming to an end will stop you from making the best use of the remaining days of this year. The last month of this year is as powerful and as useful as the first month of this year. Don’t wind down yet, don’t slow down yet, don’t get carried away thinking it’s too late in the year; it’s never too late to start something new, great and fresh. What is that thing you’ve always wanted to do this year; come on don’t let go of it; go for it still. Make the best use of the rest of the days in this year and position yourself for a more powerful start next year. You can do whatever you set your mind to do, even now; don’t let dates and the calendars affect your pursuit and passion and determination. Keep going and be consistent in your drive, remember every day is another day except in your mind. Don’t be distracted, keep pressing on, who knows this year may just end in a much more phenomenal way than you ever imagined. Who knows… keep on keeping on! Enjoy your day!


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