Dear friend can i ask you an important question this morning? Why are you working? Think about it; why are you working? Could your number one or only reason be to make ends meet? Are you working to pay bills, meet needs; be comfortable and socially relevant? Why are you working? he second question is why are you working where you’re working? Why are you in that organisation and not somewhere else? Are you there because there was vacancy, you applied and got the job? Are you there because the company has a good corporate image and you want to be a part of the family? Are you working there because the pay is good and salary is regular? Are you working there because it’s flexible and can afford you time for other things like family and all. Hmmm The third question is, your reason for working and your reason for the choice of where you work; is it a short run consideration or a long run consideration? Your reason for working; that reason for working would it still be a good reason in 15, 20 or 25 years from today? The reason for your choice of work place; would it still be valuable, relevant and tenable in 10, 15 or 20 years’ time? The next question is, what are you doing where you’re working? What is your job description? Your role, function and team; why are you there? Did you chose it or it was chosen for you? Why are you a part of that team? What are you doing in that field? Would your reason be justified, tenable and relevant in another 5 to 10 years? Are you gaining anything today from your career apart from money and you’re wasting your time? Are you working purely to make ends meet? Will it surprise you if i say to you this morning that ends never meet with more money? The more money you have the more you want. Your appetite for more in quality and quantity keeps growing as your income is growing hence; you’ll hardly ever succeed in making ends meet by more income. That’s why millionaires and billionaires still borrow from financial institutions; the more money you have, the more you need to sustain a growth rate in business and finance. If then your primary reason is making ends meet, then I’m sorry to announce to you, you can’t work hard enough to guarantee that. Ends don’t meet by hard work or more money; ends meet by financial literacy and personal discipline. Can I ask you another question? If today someone gives you one million dollars; absolutely and entirely yours what will be your first decision? Do i hear a listener say I’ll resign? Is that what you will really do first? Resign? If resigning your employment is one of the things you’ll do if you’re given a million dollars today, then it’s very likely your reason for employment is not by choice but based on situation or circumstance. Situation have most likely coerced you into employment if money is your primary reason for employment. However if experience and exposure is the primary reason why you work, then even a million dollars shouldn’t be enough reason for you to resign.Meaning you have a good purpose for your employment. Can I ask another question? What exactly would you love to do in life? If money is absolutely out of your quest; I mean you have more than enough money, what exactly would you be doing with your life? If for a moment you’re thinking you’ll do nothing but just wake up and sleep and eat and travel and enjoy your life, then you have another think coming because in a short while you will be very tired of such a life. An unproductive life is disaster waiting to happen. A life not creating, not producing, not generating anything shall soon self-destruct. Human beings are not created to do nothing; it’s a frustrating life when you do nothing that’s why I believe many super rich idle people venture into drugs and alcohol and all forms of addiction – they can’t handle living without a need a want and a purpose. A life that only acquires after a while loses taste; it’s only that life that gives that is ever fresh, exciting and interesting. Acquiring things don’t bring enduring satisfaction, after a while those very expensive shoes, clothes, jewelry, cars, electronics, vacations, houses and properties become bland, regular, uninteresting and tasteless. Why are you chasing money? I personally believe money has a spirit? Sounds funny right? I think that’s why it can be acquired through rituals. Truth is when you chase money and prioritise money in all your endeavours you will never have enough. The spirit of money will enslave you and control you and entrap you. The interesting side however, to this is, when you stop chasing money and decide to start creating value, adding value, solving problems and creating solutions, money automatically becomes your slave. Money begins to chase you and serve you and attend to you. A purpose driven career, a value driven career, a solution driven career naturally attracts great wealth! Can I ask the question again? Please why are you working? Why are you working at your work place? Why are you in that team? Is it income and benefits? Do you realise positions, qualifications and professions don’t guarantee wealth and prosperity? I know rich doctors and I know poor doctors, I know rich architects I know poor architects, I know rich lecturers I know poor lecturers, I know rich accountants and I know poor accountants, success is not automatic in any field and riches has little to do with your profession? Can you tell me, where exactly is you place in this world? Why do you exist? Which areas in life are you designed to dominate? Where is your kingdom? Where is your territory? This is not a physical location or a physical territory; I’m talking about that field of endeavour where you are designed to be an authority. The kingdom referred to here cannot be identified by careful observation or look out because your kingdom is within you! Your area of dominance, relevance, assignment, improvement or value contribution in career is a function of what you carry on your inside; your personal passion, interest and preferred field of endeavour. Everyone is born with a soft spot, a liking, a passion or compassion for a vocation, a people or an art. This experience is within. Are you currently fulfilling that purpose in your place of employment? Are you enjoying or enduring your career? If salaries don’t get paid in three to six months would you still be excited and passionate about work and still be fully committed despite that challenge because you love what you do? Or you run out on function until you are recharged with salary? In what way would you want to improve our society and economy? Is your career activated within that preferred field or you’re totally lost in something else? Where exactly is your place in this world? What’s your dream for the society we live in? Are you dominating something somewhere or you’re been dominated and controlled by the spirit of money? Are you in that career because someone you know made money from it and you want to make money from it as well? You can’t copy success, if you lack what it takes to succeed in that field, you can’t succeed there; it’s not about the field its more about what you carry on your inside! What are you looking for in your current place of work, survival or relevance and purpose? If why you work, where you work ,what you do and the team you belong to is at dissonance with your purpose, passion, interest and ambition, dear friend, you are wasting your time and life. Begin to retrace your steps, where did you miss it, get it wrong or got carried away? Start realigning what you’re doing now with what you want to eventually become in future. Let what you do now be relevant and useful in your postpaid employment life. What are you doing in admin if you eventually want to become a sales consultant? What are you doing in procurement if at last you want to be a trainer and HR consultant? What are you doing in corporate affairs if you want to become a production expert? What’s the relationship of your current job as an accountant if eventually you want to be a communication expert? What are you looking for where you’re at? Acquire only relevant and useful experience; stop wasting your time in areas and companies and fields you hate because of money. Don’t be a victim of financial and social insecurity; stand out as the king of your passion and field then exercise authority and dominion. Your kingdom is within you, birth it out! Enjoy your day!


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