“Save now, we beseech You, O Lord; send now prosperity, O Lord, we beseech You, and give to us success!” Psalm 118:25 Your life is a result of every decision you have made. If you don’t like the way your life is playing out, seek the Holy Spirit for change. Here is a truth I know you will appreciate. The reality of your world is in direct correlation to the information that has been processed in your life. Every day you are bombarded with millions of pieces of information, good, bad and indifferent. With that amount of information invading your life daily, you need the help of your prophetic angel. What the enemy would love more than anything else is for you to let that information just sit in your mind and do nothing. The spirit of procrastination has caused enough damage in your life over the years. Do not allow the enemy to trick you out of your “do it now,” cast away every spirit I’ll do it tomorrow” that always cause setback, which only results in in tears and regret. The Holy Spirit is showing me that you are a great listener, and you exercise great patience when making tough decisions. Your ability to hear what is being said and then read between the lines to get the true meaning is proof positive that your prophetic angel is at work. You have never been a follower, which is what has kept you out of trouble most of your life. Growing up it appeared as if you thought you were better than your peers. What they did not know was that you were being guided by your prophetic angel. It was your prophetic angel that cleared the way for you to walk through some difficult times.
Your prophetic angel is seeking the mind of God for you concerning your health, career and finances. Regardless of the negative events that have come your way, with the help of your prophetic angel, you are able to handle the distorted information. Declared with me; “My prophetic angel is at work.” I see by the Spirit that God is strengthening your connection to this prophetic ministry. The spirit that has been interrupting your sleep during the middle of the night is about to receive a visit from your prophetic angel. Your prophetic angel has been given a personal assignment to go into your future and bind every trick and lie the enemy has plotted against you and your family. God loves you so much that He is not willing to risk your future to a “chance” that you would get it right. Father wants to let you and the enemy know that He is God and there is none beside Him. The Father has released your prophetic angel into your future to build a safe haven where you can pray, think and relax. I hear the Spirit saying, “Think it not strange that you are having dreams about your future. I am taking away the pain and every distraction that tries to rob you of your upcoming season. Prosperity is opening up for you!” You are being rescued in this season by your prophetic angel… * Don’t allow anyone to talk you out of what God has for you. * Don’t allow the noise of negativity to back you into a corner. When you are walking in oneness with God it will cause those of like mind to recognize the virtue that is operating within you. You have been given power and strength over your adversaries. When the enemy says you have no future, remind him of your prophetic angel. Now, I need you to do this prophetic act. Write a letter to your future, detailing what your prophetic angel has shown you, and then mail it back to yourself. Write on the outside of the envelope, “Do not open until June 3rd, 2016.” I decree and declared, your prophetic angel will see you through in all your endeavour in Jesus mighty name…Amen “He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches.”

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