Fifteen years ago, I came across a scriptural word that says, “God is love”. And I meditated on it and came out with the revelation of the word. Anyone born of God should be a habitual love personality. Anything that reduces love in you has affected your kingdom bloodline. The major way the devil succeeds in taking us off God’s path is to affect us with the idea of compromising love. A christian took the wife to a hospital and she was dying. He began to run around for help. Almost all the brehren he ran to ended saying, “I wish I can help” He came to an old pastor. The pastor sat him down and gave him what he had and said something to him. He said, “Over 50 years I have served God faithfully and I have learnt the character of so- called children of God. If you run back to them, they won’t help but those so-called unbelievers, they will do anything to help you” The man left the pastor and went back to the hospital to pay what he got. There he met a visitor who saw his crisis. The visitor took him aside and asked him about his pains. And he told him. After the discussion, the visitor went to his car and wrote a check bigger than anything he would spend at the hospital and gave to him. And the man asked the visitor who he was. And the man said, “I ran a club somewhere in the town” Dear, even Jesus talked about the good samaritan. The church leaders walked across a dying man until a stranger to faith came along. Why is the church compromising their bloodline identity?Poor people come to our churches and still die poor but we spend huge money making budgets for their burial. Why? Sometimes, what a fellow christians wears to church is far richer than the entire annual budget of another christian family. Where is our love? We have given the devil the permission to take the lead. People we call unbelievers are far caring than we that make claim of true love. Where is our love? How many people have you sincerely told about Jesus this Month? But you have told Jesus about millions of your problems. You have given testimonies about His love towards you but where is your own love to the dying christians and the world around you? We still have christians that lie about money the grace of God gave them. We are destroying our unpriceable bloodline, and its too damaging to our future. Beware.

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