After all, the conclusion of the whole matter on earth won’t be the number of children you had, it’ll be how many of them do you train in the way of the Lord. it’ll not be the kind of wedding ceremony you had, it’ll be the kind of home you had and the influence it made on earth. It won’t be the fleets of cars you had, houses, connections, businesses, investments, degrees, exposure and all that; it’ll be whose will did you do. .
It won’t even matter the number of fans you have on social media or in the real world. The likes you had on each post or not won’t make sense to Him; all that matters is do you make disciples out of all that you came across. . Brethren, the conclusion of the whole matter in life is to fear God and keep His commandments for this is the whole duty of man. .
Remember, it’s not the length of life you had that matters, what matters most is the quality of life you lived and it’s eternal impact.


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