What Is She Going To Help You With? .
It’s often said that when the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is definitely inevitable. This statement remains valid in the role a wife plays in the life of a man. .
When God felt the need for Adam to have a spouse, He made a suitable help meet for him. However, Eve’s role in Adam’s life was far more than a wife but a suitable help meet. .
The purpose of a woman in a man’s life is more than enjoying her status quo, filling his sexual appetite or mothering his children. Hey Mister, until you have a need or find why she’s to complement you, you can never appreciate her presence in your life. This is the genesis of marital failure on a man’s part. .
There are one thousand and one reasons why lots of men usually want to get married and only few get married for the right reasons. Hence, it’s the few men who married for the right reasons that appreciate their wives and have a great marriage. . Why do you want a suitable help meet (wife) in your life? Pause and ask yourself this question before you read further. The following are the commonest wrong reasons to desire a woman in your life. . 1. To do your meals . To desire a woman just for the sake of putting food on your table is one of the wrong reasons to get married. Adam must have been sorting out his meals even though it warranted that he eats fruits all the time. He wasn’t a lazy cook. .
It’s not a wife’s sole responsibility to be doing meals at home. Don’t get me wrong, she’s to cook food but what stops you as a man from knowing how to cook or helping her in the kitchen? Oh, it’s ladies thing, some would say! . Only a lazy man shy away from cooking. No wonder many of them resort to eating from restaurant or bukateria. You may not be an expert cook but have basic knowledge of preparing simple meal even if you might over-salt or under-salt it, it’s better than not being able to do anything. . There will be a moment in your union when you get married that she won’t be able to cook your favorite dish, or she’ll be too ill to cook. What would you resort to? . 2. To do your basic chores . I have discovered something about women, how you treat them determines the fragrance of their character and the beauty of their life.
. Increase her stress, she’ll look older than her age; alleviate her stress and she’ll look like that sweet sixteen you admire. .
Some guys are so lazy to keep their rooms in order or even to wash their clothes, everything must be their wife or siblings. Putting food on the table doesn’t make you a complete man, some ladies are breadwinner but being able to do little things relieves her burden makes you a real man. .
Don’t forget that she is to you a suitable help meet and not a slave or house girl. If you can’t wash your clothes, take it to the laundry shop and try to be organized in your own little way. I’m not writing this as an excuse for ladies to be lazy but for men to see the need why they need a wife in their lives. .
3. To fill your sexual appetite .
Men are wired to have a strong sexual passion but the Creator has equally blessed them with the power for self-control. But it’s unfortunate that some men felt marriage is a cure for their sexual appetite.
. This is why the younger ones date lots of ladies in order to find a ‘perfect’ match for their sexual compatibility. Ladies, wake up and don’t waste your life on the altar of premarital sex. . Moreover, you can’t get the best of marriage if your reasons for going into it is solely for sex. Women aren’t only meant for baby-making, those are secondary functions. Until you discover a cogent reason why you want her, she’ll serve no purpose in your life. .
Other reasons why men marry aren’t limited to the fact that they’re running out of age, increasing pressure, impatience and the likes. Nonetheless, if you’re going to marry for the right reasons, you must be able to do all the aforementioned points and IMPORTANTLY, you must have been pursuing your purpose in life. .
Why God made Eve for Adam is because she’ll act as his suitable help meet. While he’s out in the garden naming all the animals, she’ll be at home assisting him to do the chores, support him and give him all the encouragement he needs to function effectively. . She’s not just in his life to warm his bed, call girls can do that; she’s not there to cook his meals, house help can do that; but she’s in there to become his suitable help meet, not every other ladies can equally do that for him except the one the Lord has made for him. .
I’m not writing this to condemn men, but as a wake up call to be up and doing and for a change in perception about the role of a woman in their life. And this is not to encourage women to be lazy but ensure that they’re in the life of the right man with whom they can be his suitable help meet. .
Dear men, if you haven’t discovered the need a wife is to meet in your life, don’t marry because it’ll equally affect the kind of children you’ll raise. Ladies, don’t marry him if you are not sure of your suitability in his life and destiny, otherwise you’ll become unsuitable the day he discovers something or someone else. .


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