Life is a matter of choice, what you do with it today determines whether you’d be blessed or cursed or whether you’d become a blessing to your generation or a curse to them. .
Meanwhile, the best stage of life that determines the kind of impact you will make in life is your single years. Except by the grace of God, you may not be able to correct the mistake of the past at old age. .
Now that you’re single, is it becoming a blessing to you or it’s doing more harm to your life and generation? The greatness of a man is not determined by his married life, it’s dependent on the kind of foundation he built while single. . Here’s how your singlehood will become a curse. . 1. You are engaging in social vices . Because the glory of the young men is their strength, many have channeled their strengths to social vices. The likes of cultism, kidnapping, terrorism, hooliganism, theft and other social vices will make your life a curse to your generation and the society. .
The more you indulge in any of these, the more regret you experience in life. Why would you live your life in regrets when you can be a blessing to your generation? .
2. Indulging in premarital sex .
Due to the rage of their hormones and youthful exuberance, many singles are living a cursed life by moving from one lady or man to another. If their adventures were to be limited to fun it would have been better, but little did they know that they’re sowing wild oats that would destroy their destinies and future. .
Your life cannot be a blessing to your generation or to yourself when you have fragmented it on the bed of immoralities except you desist from it now. .
3. Channeling your energy to the wrong cause .
Show me a youth that put so much of his or her efforts into chasing shadows and I’ll show you the fate of his life in the future. . The likes of gambling, betting, cyber crime, 419ner, dating married men and the likes are the wrong courses that many singles find themselves in. How would your life be a blessing when you have wasted it on the cause that won’t yield any positive impact on your generation?
. It’s never late to chart a new course in life today if you’re ready to take the right step. Remember, a house built on a wrong foundation, regardless of its cost, design and quality is nothing but a disaster awaiting to manifest in the future. .
Meanwhile, your single years would be a blessing when you… .
1. Remember your creator .
What does that mean? It implies that you acknowledge God in the days of your youth. Seek Him with the best part of your life rather than give Him your left over at old age. .
Those who remember their creator in the days of their youths are those who live their life accountable to God. They’d rather live for Him than to live for self or the society and they will be a blessing to themselves and generation…ask Adolf Hilter and Martin Luther and a host of others. .
2. Discover purpose .
Nothing can undermine the greatness of a youth who has discovered his purpose in life. He already knows why he’s here and he’s doing something positive about it. .
Having this kind of singles in our generation is to have a world where people are living a fulfilling life with no struggle or awaiting the government to help them. When you discover your purpose and you’re pursuing its fulfillment, you’ll be a blessing to yourself, generation and people around you. .
3. Prepare for the married life .
Rather than live a cursed life by sampling everything in skirt or receiving the wild seed of every Tom, Dick and Harry; your life will be a blessing when you utilize your single years to prepare adequately for the married life. . The single years is not a time to pursue premarital sex, it’s a time to build discipline on how to maintain marital sex. It’s not a time to use what your mama gave you to get what you want, it’s a time to honor God with your body. .
Your life becomes a blessing to whosoever you marry when you adequately prepare for the married life while you’re still single rather than mess it up on temporary pleasure. .
What kind of life can it be said of you that you’re living now? Be honest with yourself and determine whether you’re a blessing or a curse to your generation. It’s never too late to make amends now when you choose the right path to tread. Remember, every works will be brought to judgment whether good or bad and it’s better to receive the rewards of living a blessed life than to be punished for living a cursed life.

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