“I have chosen the way of truth: Your judgment have I laid before me” – Psalm 119:30 . There are two ways in life: the way of truth and the way of lying (falsehood). A thing doesn’t become the truth because men or the society defines it, it is true because God determined it to be. . After the fall, man was left with the choice of determining the way he wants to tread in life. What way have you chosen? .
Living a life of falsehood, greed, covetousness, dishonesty and so on are traits found in the life of those who haven’t chosen the way of truth. .
What is truth? Jesus is the truth (John 1:17; 14:6). When you walk with Him, you’re treading the way of truth. Until you chose Jesus, you cannot walk in the way of truth. A thing is not truth because it appeals to your senses, it is truth because it holds eternal value. . Walking in the path of truth is so narrow and confining (Matt. 7:14). You can’t walk in the truth and have many friends or do everything in life. A thing is said to be truth because it gives life and sets free (John 8:32) , not the one that will put you in bondage. .
When you walk in the way of truth; you’ll be true to yourself, neighbors and God. When you walk in the way of truth, you’ll be guided by God’s judgment and ordinance (Ps. 119:30b). No man live a truthful life and merits eternal bliss by obeying moral principles, you must follow Jesus. .
If you must make the decision to walk in the way of truth, you must confess your sins and accept Jesus into your life. Salvation is the first step to walking in the path of truth (John 3:3). .
You also need the spirit of truth to abide in you because He alone can guide you into all truth (John 16:33) otherwise you’ll be deceived. . Examine your ways brothers and sisters and know the path you’re treading before it leads you to destruction or life.

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