Dear Father, I know that I’v not humanly being the man you wanted me to be, i’v allowed my flaws and emotions come between the relationship you have with me, v been weak when you needed me to be strong, v been disobedient when you need my obedience, v not realy made myself available when you needed me most, I’v given excuses enough that would have made you turn your back on me but you didn’t.
Daddy, despite all these that I have done, everymorning you wake me up with beautiful morning make me feel as if I wasn’t making you angry, in my day, you shower me with love am not worthy of….I have fallen into pits where everyones eyes are fixed to see me Dead or dangerously wounded but surprising to everyone, you brought me out,,they came afterme spiritualy and physicaly but in a way I never expected you held me so close. Realy if it wasn’t of your faithfulness to the cross, where would i have been?.. Now I came to understand why Job in his trials refused to curse you even when he had the very human reason to do so….he saw Love, he saw Hope for Tommorow, despite his surffering when he looked up at you, he saw love which no one could share with him…daddy thats exactly how you’ve made me feel… I want to be that man for you, I’v heard you say to someone,”you are a man after my Heart”, though David was not just a prophet, but also a poet, a musician who saw your faithfulness and love and how you favoured him from the bush into the palace, he danced tiredlessly…I have never heard you say those words to someone else thats why daddy, i want to be the David of my Generation..I dont want to be just after your heart but i want to pluck it and eat it up and i promise to Give to the Generations after me to share from it because you are everything Good i will like to be, you are the essence of Love. You are my firstlove, you have always been and i promise to be a worthy companion from hence forth…..I Love You so much and i’ll always do…… Your’s Lovely


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