There is a reason/purpose for every happening… I have been compelled to come up with this because I have realise that this world is fillied with many decievers-people who promises one thing and changes their mind the next minute. People with no concience, people who dosen’t care about what happens to you or how you feel if they hurt you no matter how deep you are hurt. Dear Reader, Are you heart broken, shattered, battered and in deep pains of anguish because some on who promised you everything just denied that? Are crying in pains becauses he/she promised to marry you, live with you forever, make you the mother/father of your kids, build a future with you just abandoned you for another person? Are you dismayed because you are now a piece of ‘rag’ before him/ her and he/she starts finding faults and seeing reasons you both should never be? Or, are you planning sucide because you are fade up of living with the fact that someone promised you ‘forever’ but suddenly changes his/her mind because he/she thinks that she have found a better person than you? Before you distroy your life, please just stop and think! Ask/answer yourself these questions: Was he/she the perfect will of God for you? Do you know what has been happening behind your back? Do you know if God is protecting you against what might happen in the future? Do you know what God is preserving for you? Do you know the good things that that very relationship is hindering in your life? My Dear, please just let it go, you are not that cheap! Today is your turn, tomorrow maybe theirs. He/she promised you ‘forever’ but now changes his/her mind-let it go! He said he will help you but now denies you-let it go! He/she said you are the only one in his/her life only for you to realise the it was all a lie and you have been used and dumped-let it go! I know you were happy and full of energy sometime ago, thinking and pondering on the ‘mirage’ in the name of promises he/she promised you and can’t bear the pains of realising that you were building your castle in the air. Please, what ever maybe your disappointment, what ever may be responsible for the pains-let it go! Yes, he/she may win now and you see yourself as a looser… You don’t know what the future holds for you-please let it go! Yes it is very hard to let go-know that when one door closes, another opens.
Yes you may not know how to start-remember that God is still on the throne and he never forsakes His own-Just let it go! Yes it is very hard to come out of that mood-know that something greater awaits you-why not let it go? They may think you are a looser today but trust me, you have to prove them wrong by coming out strong. Life goes on, you will not win if you abandon yourself in that situation- stand up and come out! God knows your need and He is preparing something greater for you- just let go and let God. He will amend that broken heart of yours, He will give you the strength to stand tall. He will bring the best choice your way. He will help you start all over again. Remember: If God answers your prayer, He is increasing your faith. If He delays it, He is increasing your Patience. Then if He does not answer at all, trust me, He has a better plan for you. All you must do is, forget about the past, never plan to pay it a visit and think about the great future that is before you. PLEASE, JUST LET IT GO!!! Did you enjoy our write-up? Was it of help to you? Do you want more of a life changing articles/ stories like this? We are here to bring it your way. Join Us Today!


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